Why It’s Time to Move Your ‘Campaign-in-a-Box’ to a Prescribed Marketing Platform

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In today’s noisy marketing environment, it’s no surprise insufficient channel visibility is a top challenge for technology marketers — ranking right up there with cumbersome processes, according to a 2017 IDG report on the state of channel marketing. This is understandable when you consider that MSPs (managed services providers) are increasingly calling the shots, accounting for a larger share of …


Choosing Titles to Maximize Search Results

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An integrated and persistent content strategy is very important for attracting attention, building your reputation, improving your inbound marketing, as well as building your SEO ranking. Your blog, newsletter publication, and other social media publications are a very important part of this marketing effort. While significant effort may be put to generating high-quality, original content, content marketers often overlook the …


Are you supporting the buyers persona? Content Marketing for the Channel

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According to  Forbes magazine, Buyer Personas are “semi-fictional characters that personify your ideal customer” They are imperative to having accurate audience insights.“ But what happens when the persona of the buyer changes almost overnight, as it has for technology buyers?  As stated by Gartner in the introduction to their report called Targeting New Buyers of IT, “In a fairly short …


Improving Relationships Between Manufacturers and Partners

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Like any marriage – it takes work. Manufacturers/vendors and partners view their relationship from different points of view, but they both agree it’s an essential association. The View from the Other Side Manufacturers know that their partners are an important part of their sales channel, but it certainly takes a lot of care and feeding.  Partners seem to want everything, and they …

Man offering a cloud infrastructure solution made of a host of colorful managed services icons. Information technology concept for desktop virtualization, digital transition and MSP as facilitator.

Winning the Battle for MSP and MSSP Attention

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Traditional channel marketing models no longer work. In the past IT departments would install pipes, wires, computers, and storage to support a corporate infrastructure. CIO’s would piece together the required infrastructure based on expert opinions from channel partners representing the OEMs. Thanks in some part to vendor consolidation, a CIO would visit a channel partner’s website, and look for brands …


How to be Found on the Internet

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So you wrote a fantastic marketing message and posted it on your web site. That’s great, but has anyone read it?  I’m reminded of the philosophical concept, “If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound.”  This thought experiment helps us understand what is important. Your website has to be …


Publish to CyberSecurity Journal to Reach the C-Suite and IT Executives

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What is the CyberSecurity Journal? The Cybersecurity Journal is a publication for CEO, CISOs, CTOs, C-level executives and other IT decision makers that provides expert opinion, tips and cybersecurity best practices. Cybersecurity Journal is distributed several times per month to over 7,000 executives and decision makers. Cybersecurity Journal is owned and operated by ContentMX. ContentMX is a content marketing agency …

Young man giving business presentation on laptop to colleagues sitting around table in conference room.

What is a Content Marketing Agency?

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A content marketing agency helps you leverage content to achieve your business objectives. One of the agency’s most important objectives is to help you get found on the Internet.  In addition a content marketing agency can help you with many types of marketing programs such as newsletters, email campaigns, and social media. Most importantly a content marketing agency writes content …


What is a Native Marketing Agency?

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A native marketing agency (also known as native advertising agency) brings advertisers and publishers together to leverage content. The agency assists publishers who are seeking new ways to monetize their publications, while providing more valuable branding and lead generating opportunities for their advertisers. Native marketing agencies help advertisers who are looking to increase the reach of their brand and whose …