They’re all talking about you – say something!

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Conversations are happening and your competitors are involved.’  They are tweeting, they are blogging, they are using LinkedIn groups, and Facebook pages. Where are you? Are you a part of this conversation or are you sitting in the corner letting others win the game? A blog entry by Andre Yee on ebizQ, makes a fairly good point ( “Marketing used …

Are you a social media guru?

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I enjoy the word guru…it projects an air of awesomeness, as if you are a Jedi Master. “Yes I have been trained in the ancient art of socializing – trained under Master Web Tu-Point-Oh. ” Well, as I search through some of the “Guru’s” sites I have found some interesting teachings such as this presentation which discusses Twitter and business. …

Is the death of Public Relations on the horizon?

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Ironically a company now has a lot more power to try to influence conversations with in their own walls. Considering the amount of employees on the social networks an organization has a built in broadcasting capabilities literally at their fingertips. Treat every employee as a broadcasting syndicate and now you have a team of influencers to work with.

How do your employees socialize your brand?

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Below is an interesting article about employees and how they can help support your company and brand through social networks.  With this article I hope to initiate a dialogue about what role, if any, employees should play in socializing your company? The next few blog entries will continue this topic and I look forward to your thoughts.

Radio will make newspapers obsolete

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I often enjoy looking to the past for hints of what the future might bring. Recently I asked myself what technology was just as disruptive and game changing as the Internet. I came to the conclusion that the invention of the Radio, was developed with similar objectives in mind. The comparison Who knows whether this may be a fools quest, …

Is the Internet shattering advertising?

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I enjoy listening to the predictors of doom and destruction as in this interview with Eric Clemons from The Wharton School who proclaims the demise of advertising as we know it.—itunes-2.html There is a long tradition of people who have predicted the death of an industry, in hopes to one day say…”SEE I TOLD YOU SO” The reality is the world …