Crisis Management Education through Content

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The more C-suite executives that we speak to, the more we are finding boardroom involvement in major IT decisions. CISO’s and CEO’s need answers to the difficult questions boards are asking — especially when it comes to their cybersecurity posture and crisis management procedures as evidenced by a recent KPMG report. “We are clearly seeing an increased focus by boards …

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Embedded Marketing, Guerrilla Marketing, or Native Advertising. What’s Best?

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Guerrilla marketing, embedded marketing, and native advertising are three forms of Internet marketing, but what is the difference and what is best for you? Guerrilla Marketing I first heard this term used when I worked for Sony, back in 1984.  Morrita, the chairman and founder of Sony, had probably read the book, Guerrilla Marketing, by Jay Conrad Levinson. Guerilla marketing …

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Native Advertising and Internet Marketing

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Being found on Google brings traffic to your website and increases sales.  Being found on the first page for a relevant search can be a goldmine, but what happens if you can’t get there (or your business loses patience waiting for it to happen)?  What are your alternatives?   Luckily Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is only one tool in your …


Is Your Cybersecurity Content Reaching the C-Suite?

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An Important Concern As far back as 2014, the SEC made it clear that the Board of Directors is accountable for cyber attacks on on organization.  In 2017, this is more true than ever. While most organizations clearly communicate sales and marketing data and metrics, they do not have the same systems in place to understand how protected they are …

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Understanding the Content Needs of Technology Buyers

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The sales process begins long before your sales representatives pick up the phone. With more than 80% of buyers using supplier websites for research, capturing your market share depends heavily on how well your content marketing strategy is executed. What are Your Buyers Top Concerns? Before you start crafting a content marketing plan, you need a clear understanding of the …


Reaching Technology Buyers with Content First Marketing

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Technology marketers need to jump many hurdles in their quest to reach technology buyers. It can be argued that unearthing the business pains facing both the C-suite and IT executives is the highest of them all. It’s critical to leverage that understanding with a compelling story that proves your organization is a thought leader in your field—uniquely qualified to solve …


Cybersecurity and the C-Suite

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The number one IT expenditure for 2017 is predicted to be cybersecurity. Gartner expects the market to reach one trillion dollars by 2020, and according to the Harvard Business Review cybersecurity will be the fourth most important item that will be discussed in the boardroom in 2017 —  right after corporate strategy, political changes and shareholder relations. For organizations selling …


5 Ways to Scale Your Content Marketing

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As cliché as “content is king” may sound, it continues to hold water in 2017. How relevant is content for B2B technology marketers this year? According to online marketing guru Neil Patel, content marketing generates three times as many leads, yet costs 62% less compared to traditional marketing. Okay, content matters; you already get that. One of the biggest challenges …

Writing Content to Transform Your Business

Writing Content to Navigate a Changing Business Environment

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How Kintronics Used ContentMX to Transform its Business. Kintronics is a physical security company. Today, we sell network attached products such as IP cameras, IP door readers, IP intercoms, and paging systems.  Over the years we have learned that nothing stays the same.  Business is constantly changing.  Products that were hot one year are dogs the next.  Surviving changing markets …

Are Marketing And Sales Execs The New B2B Power Couple?

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Burstein stressed that among B2B marketers, half the battle is treating sales reps like internal customers. “By asking their opinions and going along on sales calls, marketers show sales reps they’re trying to learn more about how the sales process works,” he told “This enables both sides to better serve the external customer throughout the buyer’s journey.” Read More…