How to Create an Email Newsletter (with Content)

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We know that the periodic publishing of newsletters is very important. They increase awareness and keep you in touch with your prospects and customers, they help you build your reputation and of course, improve your search position. The biggest challenge is actually getting the newsletter out.  It is certainly a lot of work to publish a newsletter in a timely …


New Infographic: The Best Email Newsletter Solution for Your Business

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What are the top features to look for in a newsletter marketing solution? There are 4 significant functional areas to consider: Content, Template, Publishing, and Content Focused Reporting. Content – is the most important focus of the email newsletter production process. A content calendar and plan is the critical first step. Content management and workflow tools form a foundation underneath. …


The 11 Best Email Newsletter Service Features

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The process of creating an email newsletter is fraught with potential bottlenecks and pain points. After nearly 20 years of experience building email newsletters for clients, we definitely have some thoughts about it. So, what are some of the most important features that you will find in the best newsletter building applications? We have 11 that come to mind. A …


Why is Marketing with Newsletters Such a Big Deal?

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Email newsletters build your business by providing increased market awareness and sales. They also help build your reputation, keeping you in touch with your prospects and customers.  And, most importantly, newsletters improve your SEO. Yes, they can really improve your search position. Newsletter Marketing Boosts Sales – But Not Overnight Part of the normal sales cycle is keeping in touch with …


What is the Best Newsletter Application for You?

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Sending an email newsletter? What is the best tool to use? 94% of executives surveyed report that they get their news from email newsletters. Marketing with email newsletters requires a sustained effort with a regular publishing schedule. But, creating and populating your newsletter with original content, relevant content and campaigns should not be a burden or a bottleneck for your …


Content for Inbound Marketing

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Congratulations! You updated your web site with great content and you’re feeling giddy.  The content made your site interesting, relevant and meaningful. But now what? Your next challenge is to make sure that people find you. You must have an audience before you can tell them about what you do.  Here is a summary of some of the things you …


8 Steps to Driving Cloud Sales with Business Content

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Google doesn’t just look for keywords anymore. Google has focused on delivering more relevant results by interpreting the meaning of whole phrases instead of focusing on individual words.  This means that every query entered into the google search bar is analyzed for how well your content meets the search requirements —  the more your content hits the mark the better …


Improve Your Account Based Marketing (ABM) Strategy with Content

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Account based marketing (ABM) grows revenue by focusing specific marketing efforts on high-value accounts. For B2B technology companies, ABM has the power to transform your sales and marketing process to use fewer resources, improve efficiency and increase revenue from your marketing efforts. Consider the following statistics: ITSMA revealed that 80% of marketers measuring ROI say that ABM outperforms other marketing …


The 5 Scariest Moments for a Content Marketer

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Content marketing requires dedication and patience. To weather the ups and downs of your business cycle you need to keep a steady flow of content appearing on your blog, your newsletter and your social media. There are, however, a few terrifying moments in the life of a content marketer that give us a shudder to think about: The moment you …


How Do You Create Content for B2B Technology Buyers?

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The B2B buying process for technology has become more complex with longer cycles. In addition, 75% of business buyers told Forrester they conduct more than half of their research online before making an offline purchase.  Technology buyers are controlling their journey through the buying cycle more than the vendors. So how do you reach your audience?  Content. As Brian Clark, …