Powerball Marketing – Is Your Content Marketing Strategy a Winner?

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Is winning the lottery true success? Is the lottery shortcut a viable strategy for getting rich? Many marketers are looking for this same kind of big payoff. They adopt a strategy that seeks to sidestep the process and go for the big win. But in the same way most of us will never get rich by playing the lottery, most marketers will fail to make a lasting impact with a “Powerball” marketing strategy.

Sales Intelligence Through Newsletter Marketing and Active Lead™ Reports

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Marketing programs are most commonly geared to putting a high volume of prospects through the sales funnel. These efforts generally operate at a macro level, with metrics such as click and open rates measured in aggregate. The goal is to drive people to your website where they can fill out forms. However, generating sales leads can take time while your salespeople eagerly await your marketing results. This is why feeding your sales team actionable intelligence about people as they interact with your emails can provide the additional timely information they need to reach out and close more sales opportunities. This is done through an Active Lead™ report triggered by a ContentMX email newsletter.

Patriot Technologies Sees Increased Traffic and Visibility with ContentMX

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The Challenge: Promote Thought Leadership and Improve SEO Patriot Technologies was looking to increase their SEO to improve their Google rankings to appear on the first page of search results. Patriot’s goal is to be a credible technology thought leader, trusted advisor and the go-to source for network security. As a Fortinet partner, Patriot was looking to implement a content strategy that would …

Tec-Refresh Sees Business Double with ContentMX

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The Challenge: Focused Efforts in a Crowded Space As an organization, Tec-Refresh is always looking for best solutions to help them grow. They were in need a marketing application that will help promote their business while allowing their team to focus on their core strengths. They needed the sales team to sell, the marketing team to market, and the sales …


Increase ROI From Your Marketing Automation

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Marketing Automation systems when used correctly increase the quality of the leads you send over the wall to sales. However, to the marketers using these systems, there are a number of hurdles to realizing the promised results from the investments they have made. In fact, according to SiriusDecisions in 2014, “85% of B2B marketers using a marketing automation platform feel …


Trump Marketing

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Love him or hate him, Donald Trump has nailed the main points of content marketing. To be clear, this article is not an endorsement of Trump, but an analysis of his marketing tactics (whether on purpose or not). First point: Create a clear objective focused on a target audience.   Trump wants to win the Republican nomination.  If you think …

The Power of the Brand

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By Jeff Mesnik  When my kids were younger I would sing to them, before they went to sleep.  For my oldest daughter I would sing Frere Jacques, and I couldn’t remember the lyrics so I would end the song with “Daddy wants a Beemer, Daddy wants a Beemer, how about you, how about you”.   (I decided to not attach …

Connecting Your Content Strategy to Your Business Value

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Connecting Your Content Strategy to Your Business Value According to Forrester Research, 85% of businesses do not connect their content to business value, yet 74% of B2B buyers purchase from the first company that does. This research goes on to conclude that most businesses fail to: Provide enough valuable and useful information; Tell enough customer stories; and Help salespeople have …