How to Sign in with Your Microsoft Login

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Do you already have an account with ContentMX? If you already have an account, click on the Sign in with Microsoft button. You will be asked to provide your Microsoft login credentials. If you have more than one Microsoft login, you will be asked to choose one. Provide the appropriate password, and if you have enabled Two Factor Authentication you …

How can I tell if I am an administrator for my company Facebook page?

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To connect to a Facebook Page you need to be an Administrator for the company Facebook page. To confirm that you are an Admin on your company’s Facebook page, log into your personal Facebook account look under Pages (on the left sidebar). Look for the Your Pages section which can also be found here:  If you are an Admin, your …

Connecting to Hubspot to Send Email

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This video demonstrates how to connect your account to Hubspot so that you can send your content to your mailing list. Before you can publish your formatted messages in HubSpot, you will need to click the button below to create or update the default template in which the content will be copied and pasted. The template will first appear as …

Why do posts to Facebook, Google+, etc. use a different thumbnail and description from the one I provided?

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You may discover that when you post a web link to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ that the thumbnail and description displayed on these sites is different from the one you specified.  This happens because these social media sites (most recently Facebook) are working to combat misleading links and “fake” news. The social media sites look at the web …

Why do I need to use my personal Facebook ID to connect to our company Facebook page?

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When you connect to a Facebook page, you will need to connect through a personal Facebook profile that has the rights to administer that page. Connecting through a personal profile is required because Facebook does not provide any other way to manage pages. So do not be concerned about using your personal profile. Once the connection is made, content will …

What are the IP addresses of your application servers so that I can whitelist them for WordPress?

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Currently requests from our application servers will come from one of the following two IP addresses: In some cases, firewalls will limit administrative requests made to WordPress to a specific set of IP addresses. If this is the case, you may see an error with the words “403 Forbidden” appear when you try to validate your WordPress connection. To get around …

Browse Button is Missing When Uploading Images

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The Browse button is used for selecting and uploading images from your computer. It uses Adobe Flash to quickly and efficiently transfer images. This button should appear when you click to Upload an image. In some cases, the Browse button will not appear. This is usually the case when the web browser has disabled Adobe Flash from running. It is easy to enable …

Selecting and Downloading Opt-outs

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Selecting and Downloading Contacts that Have Opted Out (Unsubscribed) Go to the Contacts area and use the Find feature to select only contacts that have opted-out. Then click the Export Selected Contacts button to download these contacts as a CSV file. Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn Pinterest