The 5 Lessons We Learned from Luanne Tierney

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On May 12th we hosted a fantastic webinar with marketing innovator Luanne Tierney for channel marketers. It was so great having her perspective on what channel marketers can do to engage and support their channel. You can watch the full webinar here. We learned many things from her during the webinar, including: 

The 5 Lessons We Learned from Luanne Tierney: 

1. It is all about sharing relevant content with your customers and not just bombarding them. Think of yourself and what content you find interesting. What works for you, will work for your business. 

2. You need to know what makes your company different. What's your differentiation? Define who your company is and then when you share content, put your own spin on it. 

3. Facebook works better than you think. Facebook is an influencer. 

4. You can't ignore Google+. You have to take the time to build a Google+ profile because of the SEO value of Google+. 

5. Little nuances can help you to be engaging.  Find your own voice and engage authentically. 

Luanne had so many great tips and words of advice for channel marketers, it was hard to narrow down to just five. To view the whole webinar, visit here. Thank you Luanne for co-presenting with us.  To stay up-to-date on our upcoming webinars, follow ContentMX on Twitter and Facebook. To follow Luanne, you can find her on Twitter and LinkedIn

UPDATED: New webinar for technology resellers and integrators with ContentMX and Luanne Tierney – 

How to Use LinkedIn and Other Social Tools to Increase Sales
Tuesday, July 15th at 2 PM EST 

Join the webinar to learn about the latest marketing trends and strategies from marketing innovator Luanne Tierney. Jeff Mesnik, President of ContentMX, will interview Luanne and together they will discuss the importance of content, how technology resellers can leverage as a sales tool, and how to use social selling to increase sales of high tech services and products. 

For more information and to register, visit here