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Curated ContentThe Microsoft Library
Custom Articles for SEO
and Syndication by Microsoft
Up to 500 words each, written for you
01 per month
Social Media DashboardPublish social content
Newsletter EditorGenerate a Social Newsletter
Customized TemplatesApply Your Own Design 1unlimited
Promotions EditorCollect leads and referrals
Content Sources
Blog/RSS Feeds, Keyword Searches,Facebook and LinkedIn Feeds, LinkedIn Groups
Social NetworksConnect to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedInunlimitedunlimited
BlogsConnect to WordPress, Hubspot,Blogger, Tumblrunlimitedunlimited
Email PlatformsSend through Constant Contact, Exact Target, iContact, MailChimp, Vertical Responseunlimitedunlimited
Built-in Email
Send email to a mailing list you uploadto your account.
Reporting and AnalyticsMeasure activity surrounding yourcontent, blog, social and newsletter campaigns.unlimitedunlimited
ContactsUpload your contact and email lists. Usepromotions to collect new contacts.unlimitedunlimited

Butterfly Publisher has Powerful Services to Improve Your Sales Results

  • Improve your search ranking and increase your prospects
  • Drive more traffic to your business by having Microsoft as your syndication partner
  • Keep connected with your customers and prospects to improve sales

Now it is easier than ever to create and publish content related to your Dynamics business

  • Pull content from multiple blogs, social media and other content sources
  • Use your own or other blogs
  • Pull content and conversations from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Add videos
  • Easily create and add your own unique content

Easily create a formatted, dynamic newsletter

  • FREE template setup service to help you create your own customized newsletter formatted exactly to your needs

Publish to your email list

  • Automatically create and schedule your publication
  • Adaptive formatting for mobile devices to improve the look for people on the go.
  • 20,000 emails per month included or use HubSpot, Constant Contact, MailChimp, iContact, Exact Target, or Vertical Response to send your message.

Add custom written content just for your business

  • We have writers standing by who can provide your blog, social, and newsletter marketing with high quality, unique content that fits perfectly within the Microsoft Dynamics editorial calendar and improves your Google search ranking.
  • Easily submit these custom articles to Microsoft for distribution through their social channels and blogs.

A Good Content Strategy is the Path to Your Success

This is why Microsoft is sponsoring the NEW Improved Butterfly Publisher for Dynamics Partners. Please sign up for a trial and if you purchase within the trial period your first month is FREE!

What is it?

A complete newsletter and social marketing solution for Microsoft partners, Butterfly Publisher gets you up managing your social marketing programs in under an hour. The solution provides ready made Tweets, Facebook status updates, and blog articles so that you can sustain an effective integrated marketing program in under 30 minutes per week.

Who is it good for?

Butterfly Publisher is ideal for all partner levels - whether you have no presence today or are a strong user and need more powerful tools to help you get the most from your newsletter and social media efforts.

“Butterfly Publisher has allowed us to consistently promote timely and relevant news to our audience with one-click. Updating several social medium sources and finding valuable data was a very daunting task in the past. We are conservatively saving 10 hours a week with Butterfly Publisher and the quality of information we are sharing has dramatically improved.”

- Julie Fuller, InterDyn Cargas

What's included?

Content. A steady stream of Microsoft and independent content, pushed out weekly. Content includes videos, polls, messages and links from Microsoft and independent sources. Both technology and business value topics are covered. Content topics are:

  • Solution specific: ERP & CRM
  • Product Specific: AX, NAV, SL, GP and CRM
  • Industry Specific: Manufacturing, Distribution, Financial Services, Public Sector and Professional Services

Social Newsletters

If you are like most businesses on the web today, the number of Facebook fans and Twitter followers you have pales in comparison to the number of email addresses you have. Social Newsletters meld email with your social marketing efforts. A newsletter can include a collection of the most recent messages that you have posted to social media sites. This collection is assembled into an email message and sent every week to your email list. By contacting people with email, it reminds them of the social conversation and directs them back to that conversation for further engagement.

Social Promotions

Finally - a way to use social media for lead capture. With Butterfly Publisher you can provide special, time and quantity limited, group deals and high value content that captures emails automatically. Social Promotions let you provide incentives that generate social referrals and growth of your networks!

An integrated "listening" post.

Follow the key evangelists, bloggers and news feeds in your industry or geography. Engage in conversations and re-tweet or share the content with one click.

Tracking & Measurement.

Measure how well your posts are doing, what's being shared (and how many people your messages are being shared with) from a single report.

Support & Training.

As part of the Butterfly Publisher program we will bring you training on the latest trends in social media, using advanced features of the Butterfly tool and support for your social efforts.

What is my investment?

The total cost for the Butterfly Publisher solution WITH content is only $125 per month (payable monthly).

Compose Your Messages

Post from Outlook

How about time?

As most marketers are painfully aware - the real cost of social media is time. With the Nurture Butterfly solution you start with Tweets and Facebook updates ready-made for you and a platform that significantly reduces the time spent integrating social media into your marketing:

  • It takes less than 30 minutes to set you up.
  • For partners just starting with a social media strategy you can invest as little as 30 minutes a week to share content and engage with others.
  • For partners with an advanced social media strategy - use Butterfly to save time and add depth to your social media efforts with high-quality content sources, emailable social digests, lead capture through social promotions, and more.

How to get started?

Click the Sign Up Now button.

Next, view our Webinar and Training Videos. Then, contact us (support at for further help and training.

Still not sure?

Click to see the Top 10 Reasons to Use Nurture Butterfly.