How do I add content to my microsite and then have that appear on my company website?

ContentMX Knowledge Base, Using the Platform

Content is set to appear on your microsite when it is posted to one of your networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.). Edit one of your network connections and locate the option labeled “Display on Microsite”  Set this option to “Yes, show items in this network on the microsite”.

To publish information to your website, you have a few options:

Publish to Your Blog

One very common method for pushing content to your website is to publish content into your blog. If your website is running on WordPress, this is can be done by making a network connection to WordPress. Then, you can publish information directly into your site.

Add a Javascript Widget to your Website

Another way to integrate your Microsite to your website is to embed it as an iframe. This can be done using the following code. Replace the SUBDOMAIN with the one used for your Microsite. This is usually the same as the primary username of your account.

<iframe width="100%" src="https://[SUBDOMAIN]" 
scrolling="yes" style="overflow: hidden; height: 1000px"></iframe>

Copy and paste this code into the HTML of your website.

Alternatively you can make a link (or button) that goes to this URL: https://[SUBDOMAIN]

In both cases, make sure to replace the [SUBDOMAIN] token with the subdomain used in your Microsite URL. For example, if your Microsite is found at, your subdomain is ‘acmesystems’.