Adding ContentMX to Your SPF Record to Improve Email Deliverability

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One of the ways spam filtering systems determine if an email is spam is to check the email header to see if the server sending the email is an authorized sender. This is done by checking the domain from the email address of the person sending the email (the FROM address) and seeing if that domain has given permission to ContentMX to send email on its behalf. For instance, if you are sending an email from, the spam filter will check the DNS records of to see if it authorizes email to be sent from the ContentMX email servers.

To authorize ContentMX as a sender, you (or your IT administrator) should add ContentMX to the SPF setting in your DNS. This is done by adding or modifying the TXT record containing the SPF information. You will be adding “” to this record.

For example, if your SPF record looks like this:

   v=spf1 ~all

you would modify it to look like this:

   v=spf1 ~all

Once this change is made, it may take a little time for it to replicate across the Internet.


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