Why do I need to use my personal Facebook ID to connect to our company Facebook page?

ContentMX Knowledge Base, Using the Platform

When you connect to a Facebook page, you will need to connect through a personal Facebook profile that has the rights to administer that page. Connecting through a personal profile is required because Facebook does not provide any other way to manage pages. So do not be concerned about using your personal profile. Once the connection is made, content will …

What are the IP addresses of your application servers so that I can whitelist them for WordPress?

ContentMX Knowledge Base

Currently requests from our application servers will come from one of the following two IP addresses: In some cases, firewalls will limit administrative requests made to WordPress to a specific set of IP addresses. If this is the case, you may see an error with the words “403 Forbidden” appear when you try to validate your WordPress connection. To get around …

Selecting and Downloading Opt-outs

ContentMX Knowledge Base, Using the Platform

Selecting and Downloading Contacts that Have Opted Out (Unsubscribed) Go to the Contacts area and use the Find feature to select only contacts that have opted-out. Then click the Export Selected Contacts button to download these contacts as a CSV file. Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn Pinterest

An Upgraded User Experience

ContentMX Knowledge Base, Using the Platform

A New Look and Feel The platform has been updated to include some interface improvements that will serve both experienced and novice users. All of the same functionality remains, it’s just easier to access. Here are some of the changes you will encounter. A New Home Screen The home screen layout has been cleaned and improved. To make a new network …

Integrating to WordPress using XMLRPC

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XMLRPC is the standard protocol (used by a number of blog software vendors – not just WordPress) to allow an external application to integrate to WordPress and create new posts. ContentMX uses XMLRPC as well.   XMLRPC is not an extra plug-in. It is a standard feature of the latest versions of WordPress – however – we do have many clients that …

Working with Numbered and Bulleted Lists

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Lists provide a way to structure text in a clear manner as well as group items that belong together. The online editor lets you create two types of lists: bulleted (unordered) and numbered (ordered) lists. Bulleted Lists Bulleted lists are useful when you want to group a number of items that do not need to appear in any particular order. Creating …

Why is the number for delivered and received different? What affects these numbers?

ContentMX Email Deliverability, Knowledge Base

Over time, you will notice that the number of emails delivered will become increasingly less than the number of recipients to which you are sending your message. This occurs because previously bounced email addresses are considered “undeliverable” by the server and subtracted from a mailing. For example, if you have a list of 1,000 recipients and 20 emails “permanently” bounced on …

What are the industry standards for open rate, click-through rate and bounce rate?

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One of the best studies on this subject was performed by MailChimp. This email service provider sends billions of emails on behalf of 100 million users every month. That is a lot of data. From this pool of statistics, MailChimp was able to break down email performance in a number of industry categories. You can read their complete report, but …