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Don’t have enough bandwidth or resources to get all of your Marketing done?

We understand the dilemma and have provided a simple way to help you do more with less by providing ready-to-use, pre-built marketing campaigns that can save you time and reach more end users.

DemandSolv, available exclusively to you, for free, by TD SYNNEX, is the first marketing service that streams fresh marketing materials to you every week. 

With just a few clicks per week, drip campaigns can integrate with your social media outlets to truly empower your marketing and sales teams. You can even set it on autopilot to make your weekly marketing tasks truly effortless.

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What partners are saying…

Technical Specialties, Inc.
Deal size: $50,000
HPE Server and Microsoft software

“DemandSolv has been instrumental in allowing me to push content to our subscribers in a fast and convenient fashion. It frees up my valuable time while increasing my reach to our prospects. Sharing content through DemandSolv shows that we are a professional company that is on top of ever-changing IT trends. Our clients love the content, and we love how it’s helped us grow sales.”

Teri McMullen, Business Operations Manager


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