How does the automatic posting schedule work and can it be adjusted?

ContentMX Knowledge Base, Using the Platform

The automatic posting feature uses a posting schedule which you can adjust. This posting schedule is used by the Schedule Automatically option at the bottom of the Item Entry page, and the Auto Post setting.

This schedule indicates which days and which time slots during these days will be used to determine the next posting time. To see the available day and time slots configured for your account, choose Manage Automatic Schedule from the pull down menu on the right side of the window (or go here  If you want to spread out your posts across more days during the week, you can try removing one or more time slots (using the Red X next to each slot). For auto posting, be careful to make sure you have enough days and time slots to cover all of the possible posts that you will be making during a week. This will depend on the number of channels you have selected and the number of shareable posts there may be in each week. Usually there are 2-3 shareable items per week, so if you have 5 channels selected you will need to make sure you have at least 15 time slots available (5 days and 3 time slots, or 4 days and 4 time slots).

Once items are scheduled by the system (usually by Monday afternoon), you will be able to see the scheduled items by selecting Scheduled and Pending Content from the Content pull down menu. You can then edit the schedule of any item by clicking the Edit (pencil) icon. You can change the date and time the item will be posted at the bottom of the item entry form and then click to Save the item.