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Leap into 2020 Lottery

The Leap into 2020 Lottery has ended. Please contact with any questions or feedback about this program. Stay tuned for more exciting opportunities, coming soon!


We are excited to launch “Leap into 2020,” one of many incentive programs to come. Accelerate your PartnerOn activity for a chance to win a $500, $200, or $100 gift card at the end of the lottery period, February 1, 2020 through April 1, 2020!

Lottery Rules

All active partners with a PartnerOn account are eligible to win. There is no entry requirement. 

During the lottery period of February 1, 2020 to April 1, 2020, partners will earn 5 points for every item shared, emailed, or downloaded in any of 4 ways: 

  1. Share content to social media from your selected content channels 
  2. Share content to your blog/website from your selected content channels 
  3. Send the email templates from selected content channels to your contact lists 
  4. Download the printable resources from your selected content channels 

At the end of the lottery, partners will be grouped into three tiers based on the points they earned during the lottery period. One winner will be randomly selected from each tier. 

  • Grand Prize Winner: $500 Amazon gift card (those who earned 301+ points)
  • Gold Winner: $200 Amazon gift card (those who earned 201-300 points)
  • Silver Winner: $100 Amazon gift card (those who earned 100-200 points)

Announcing Winners

Winners will be notified by phone (if a phone number has been provided) and by email. Your Amazon gift card will be emailed to you.

Winners will also be announced in an email that will be sent to entrants after April 15, 2020.  

Contact and Support

For questions about Leap into 2020 or points totals, email

For questions or support with your PartnerOn account, email


Do I need to sign up for this lottery or fill something out?

Not at all. Participating could not be easier. All active partners with an account are automatically eligible to win. There is no entry requirement. As you take action to share, email, and download content dedicated time period, we will track your sharing for you. Have questions about your account? Reach out to your Client Success Manager or email

What type of gift card is it?

It will be an Amazon gift card or equivalent.

How are the gift cards delivered to the winners? 

The gift cards will be emailed to each winner. A confirmation email will be sent from to each winner.

How are partners being notified about this lottery? 

Keep an eye out for announcements and updates in your weekly digest, mobile app alerts, and additional email blasts. We will be launching other incentive lotteries in the future – stay tuned!

I use automated posting on my account. Am I eligible to win? 

Yes! If your account has Automated Posting turned on, you are eligible to win. If turned on, the Automated Posting feature automatically posts content to your social media networks and blog. If it is a good fit for your content marketing strategy, turning on Automated Posting can also increase your chances of winning Leap into 2020. Turn on Automated Posting here. Manage the schedule the Automated Posting follows here.

I have multiple accounts. Can I win more than once? 

Each partner is only eligible to win a reward one time per lottery.

How many points have I earned so far? 

Stay updated on your ranking by emailing for more information on your points accumulation. Additional methods for viewing your points will be available in the future.

We’re a small company and do not have a lot of time or resources to post. Do we still have a chance at winning? 

Of course! We have several partners with small businesses who find this program to be the perfect fit for them. Every Monday, we stream new content directly to you (1-4 assets per week). Small companies appreciate the variety of content and assets provided and how easy it is to integrate with their current marketing/sales solutions and efforts. All the content is organized and prescribed for you; just remember to set aside 20-30 minutes each Monday or Tuesday to review your weekly digest and schedule out your content for the week. All items can be scheduled and our Automated Posting feature makes it even easier to consistently share on social media and your blog/website. 

Make sure you are receiving your weekly digest, which is sent every Monday with your new content for the week, and download the mobile app to receive an alert to your phone. If your account still needs to be set up or if you have any questions about how to integrate the content with your current marketing and sales efforts, contact your Client Success Manager or reach out to

I just signed up, long after the lottery started. Will there be another lottery in the future? 

Yes! Keep an eye out for additional Incentive Campaigns which we will run after Leap into 2020. Updates will be announced in your weekly digest, send via our mobile app and in your account dashboard. Not getting your weekly digest every Monday? Email

Download the mobile app – Apple Store and Google Play.

I use Generic Social and Blog options to share out content, instead of direct integrations. Will Generic shares be counted? 

Yes. If you are leveraging the Generic Social and/or the Generic Blog option, each share will be counted as 5 points. If you are using the Generic Social and/or Generic Blog option, do not forget to copy and paste the content into your social media or blog account. We trust you! The emails with your content and assets are sent from If you are not receiving these emails and/or have questions about how to use the content with your current solution or platforms, email A Client Success Manager will reach out to provide assistance.

Can you tell me more about the Download This items? 

These items include, but are not limited to, pitch decks, brochures, and calling scripts. These documents are meant to help you with presentations, sales pitches and conversations you are having with your customers and prospects. They are also great to share with your team.

In addition to the content I’m receiving from my content channels, I am also creating my own custom content. Will these items count toward my points? 

With Leap into 2020, only assets shared from your selected content channels will count. We will be running additional incentive campaigns in the future, keep an eye out for updates and rules for that specific campaign.

I need help learning how to use your platform. Who can I contact? 

Contact your Client Success Manager, or reach out to