5 Lessons We Learned About LinkedIn and Social Selling

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Earlier this week, ContentMX hosted a webinar with marketing innovator Luanne Tierney, 'How to Use LinkedIn and Other Social Tools to Increase Sales'. Luanne has spent over 25 years working with channel marketing companies and shared some fantastic insight on how we can better leverage LinkedIn and social selling to generate more leads, and get more sales. You can watch the full webinar here

Here are 5 Lessons we Learned about LinkedIn and Social Selling from Luanne Tierney 

1. While we knew social has TREMENDOUS business value, we didn't know that 78% Salespeople who use social media outsell their peers. Trying to attract more customers? Trying to drive traffic to your website? You need to use social media. 

2. To effectively use LinkedIn and your other social tools for social selling, you need to have a strong presence and personal brand.  Put thought into your bio, what titles, keywords, skills you are using to describe yourself. And put the same thought into what content you're sharing.  

"Your title is not who you are and what you stand for, so it is important to not just have your title, selling expert or marketing expert, but you need to have it more interesting so it aligns with your personal brand". 

3. I loved how Luanne emphasized listening. Social selling is based on listening and sharing content. Yes, social selling is about generating leads and getting sales, but to be successful….. you need to listen so you can share relevant, interesting and engaging content. Take the time to listen, so you can share the best and most relevant content for your customers and peers. 

4. Looking to build engagement? Always ask a follow-up question or a conversation starter. Someone will always responds, and when they do, they are giving you an opportunity for you to grow your network. And as Luanne said, "you will be surprised how it gets engagement going". 

5. “Lastly, investing in social selling is like a exercise program – you must commit time on a daily basis to build your online engagement muscle". 

Watch the webinar, 'How to Use LinkedIn and Other Social Tools to Increase Sales' here