6 Thoughts on Content Marketing

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  • Leverage some user generated content – Okay we are not always as interesting as we think, but other people are. So go ahead and reference and give attribution to someone who said something interesting.  For example, in the CMO Club group on LinkedIn a question was asked about how to break through a tough client and Becky Wood Chief Marketing Officer at Comprehensive Prosthetics & Orthotics responded with:
    • “One thing that has worked well for me is applying the Feel, Felt and Found approach. Listen to what [the client] is saying and when repeating it back with “I hear how you feel”, then state an example of how another client felt the same way and give the example.”  (I think I have used this same method when talking with my wife.)
  • It is okay to curate – Remember it is okay to create a short comment then publish direct to other sites that have good content. Speaking of that, here are 5 Content Marketing Mistakes that Even the Pros Make.
  • It doesn’t always have to be 100% on-topic – If you have an interesting story or find a funny comic, use that. Have you seen this Dilbert Cartoon about using social media in interviews?
  • Try to create a frequency that you can sustain.  It is difficult to maintain a full content strategy, but if you can find a frequency that works for you than go for it.  But if you are a day late, occasionally well that is okay too.  (Yes, we are a day late on our own newsletter, so yes it is okay)
  • Try to change things up so that you get noticed. Use pictures, add video, choose new topics. Everyone does a top 5 or 10 list… How about a top 6?
  • Hold back on some bonus material – Sometimes you have things to say that are more valuable to your audience. It could be an answer to a burning question, or a secret strategy that you are privileged to know. So don’t hesitate to hold back and create a cliffhanger. Let them wait for it.. or even better have them give up a little something to you like their name and email address before you reveal your deepest wisdom.

If you want to learn more about some of these great strategies we are here to help.  Go to http://contentmx.com or you can give us a call 781.444.7000. And you can always email me directly at Jeff at ContentMX.com.