Are you a social media guru?

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I enjoy the word guru…it projects an air of awesomeness, as if you are a Jedi Master.

“Yes I have been trained in the ancient art of socializing – trained under Master Web Tu-Point-Oh. ”

Well, as I search through some of the “Guru’s” sites I have found some interesting teachings such as this presentation which discusses Twitter and business.

In my blogging I tend to source a lot of ideas for articles from questions on LinkedIn and there seems to be two questions that appear a lot:

1) The value of Twitter for a business

2) New ideas around PR

The link above sends you to a presentation which begins to articulate some ideas on how Twitter can improve your business. What I think it does well is begin to develop the idea that your followers are your subscribers. They have identified themselves as interested parties in who or what you are, and the question is how do you parlay the Twitter affiliation into a business.

My answer…and Jeremy Gislason’s answer is “sell them something.”

Take a look and let me know if you think there is something there, perhaps a “Pony” of an idea.

So I will continue to answer questions on LinkedIn, post them here and help sort through some of the “GURUS” and extract the value for a hopefully interesting blog. And yes this takes me one step above the Guru, since not only am I pontificating on the ways of social media, but I am also acting as the “decider” of which gurus are saying things that have value.

If I have in anyway offended any of you Guru’s out there, I was not referring to you, I was referring to the other guy. 🙂