Butterfly Publisher Features: New Home Screen

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We are excited start the New Year off with the release of a new home screen, which we will be rolling out soon. The home screen provides a starting point for all of the key functions and actions that are available to you. It also provides an overview of recent activity. The new page is easier to use and easier to navigate. We hope you enjoy the new look as much as we do.

The various actions you can take from the home screen include:

Discover Content – Go here to view and curate content from various sources, including blogs and RSS feeds, YouTube channels, social media feeds and groups. You can also find content using Twitter, Google, and Bing search.

Custom Content – In this area you can define topics for custom written articles and review and edit the results. These 500 word articles are custom written just for you and are designed to support your SEO efforts and your syndication strategy.

Create Your Own – Enter this area when you want to write a complete blog article of your own, send an email message, promote a specific web page, or share a picture or video.

Promotions and Leads – This is where you can define promotions that encourage people to share information with their friends.

Newsletters and Digests – The newsletter editor makes the production and distribution of a regular email newsletter easy. Mix social and blog content together to make your newsletter more interactive and engaging.

Contacts – This is where you can upload your email list for use in your email newsletter campaigns. New leads that are collected through subscription or promotions are collected here as well.

Reports – The reporting area is where you can see and analyze the activity that surrounds your published content.

Settings – Go here to configure your account and connect it to all your social networks, blogs, and email service providers. There are also many options for configuring your account and for managing user access.

Keep your eye out for this new home screen. And when you see it, let us know what you think!