What is End to End Content Marketing?

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Content marketing promises the highest ROI compared to all your marketing programs, but it can be one of the most challenging to execute. In theory it seems simple, you write content and you post content. But in practice, it’s much more difficult.  If you want real results, you need a content strategy that encompasses the entire content journey.  It starts …

Why Halfway Hank is Ruining Your Content Marketing

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“Halfway through the center of town, halfway down the street, lived a boy who cleaned half his room, and rode a bike with half a seat….” In the popular children’s story, Halfway Hank lives a “halfway kind of life.”  Hank washes his face, but never reaches his feet and when he only has half a canoe in the race, he …

How to use Social Listening to Plan Your Content

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Let’s face it: content marketers don’t have it easy. Determining buyer personas, understanding their wants and needs, and developing content strategies that will make a connection…content marketers are expected to know what their audience wants to know before they want to know it. When you’re under that kind of pressure, the more tools you have at your disposal, the better. …

Accelerating Your Content Marketing Results: Patience is a Virtue

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The Long Tail of Content Marketing Often times we deal with companies that want to make an immediate impact with their content marketing. The challenge is that content marketing does not provide the immediacy of paid search. A successful content marketing strategy is developed over a longer time and the tail has a much higher ROI than any other marketing …

What are the industry standards for open rate, click-through rate and bounce rate?

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One of the best studies on this subject was performed by MailChimp. This email service provider sends billions of emails on behalf of 100 million users every month. That is a lot of data. From this pool of statistics, MailChimp was able to break down email performance in a number of industry categories. You can read their complete report, but …

Powerball Marketing – Is Your Content Marketing Strategy a Winner?

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Is winning the lottery true success? Is the lottery shortcut a viable strategy for getting rich? Many marketers are looking for this same kind of big payoff. They adopt a strategy that seeks to sidestep the process and go for the big win. But in the same way most of us will never get rich by playing the lottery, most marketers will fail to make a lasting impact with a “Powerball” marketing strategy.

Sales Intelligence Through Newsletter Marketing and Active Lead™ Reports

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Marketing programs are most commonly geared to putting a high volume of prospects through the sales funnel. These efforts generally operate at a macro level, with metrics such as click and open rates measured in aggregate. The goal is to drive people to your website where they can fill out forms. However, generating sales leads can take time while your salespeople eagerly await your marketing results. This is why feeding your sales team actionable intelligence about people as they interact with your emails can provide the additional timely information they need to reach out and close more sales opportunities. This is done through an Active Lead™ report triggered by a ContentMX email newsletter.

Trump Marketing

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Love him or hate him, Donald Trump has nailed the main points of content marketing. To be clear, this article is not an endorsement of Trump, but an analysis of his marketing tactics (whether on purpose or not). First point: Create a clear objective focused on a target audience.   Trump wants to win the Republican nomination.  If you think …

The Power of the Brand

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By Jeff Mesnik  When my kids were younger I would sing to them, before they went to sleep.  For my oldest daughter I would sing Frere Jacques, and I couldn’t remember the lyrics so I would end the song with “Daddy wants a Beemer, Daddy wants a Beemer, how about you, how about you”.   (I decided to not attach …