Channel Marketer Report: Harnessing The Power Of LinkedIn Groups For Your Channel

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By Jeff Mesnik


What if you could have all of your sales leads in one room?

It turns out that LinkedIn groups put all of your customers and prospects in one place, making it the perfect networking and sales tool for business-to-business organizations. Help your channel partners harness the power of LinkedIn by creating groups that will host discussions and encourage customer engagement.

A Group About Your Industry Not Your Company

A LinkedIn group can be an open forum to share industry related content and have industry focused conversations. The intent should not be to sell, but rather to be a go-to source for your partners’ peers and customers to discuss the latest trends and solutions.  

The key to success when creating a LinkedIn group is to create a group branded around a niche within your industry. Avoid creating a company LinkedIn page. Instead, create a group branded around your company’s values and interests. This will build trust and will help build your channel partners’ overall credibility.

A Destination For Engagement

Much like your company’s blog, the intent for any LinkedIn group should be to create a destination for engagement. If the goal of the group is to build organic engagement, generating new leads from the engagement will be a natural result. Encourage your partners to engage in conversations and share content that promotes your company’s interests, without promoting the company itself.

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