ContentMX Announces the Modern Email Newsletter Driven by the ContentMX Cloud

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Modern email newsletters generate more interaction, trigger increased social engagement and drive conversations to fully eclipse the content marketing lifecycle

Needham, MA – February 22, 2016 –  ContentMX, the marketing technology and services company that drives more conversations through their focus on the relevancy of content, today announced the advent of the modern email newsletter – a true transformation of this medium with social content and conversations directly embedded to drive more engagement from customers and prospects.

The 2015 Content Marketing Institute survey stated that 86% of marketers are using content marketing yet only 8% are “very effective.”  Modern newsletters increase the effectiveness of content marketing by using the relevancy of the newsletter content to initiate interactive discussions and encourage social engagement.

Newsletters are key to promoting thought leadership, building trust and moving leads through the sales process. The challenge in building an email newsletter goes well beyond a pretty template design and an email engine. The newsletter production process requires planning, a regular flow of content, template assembly, layout and hosting, review, testing, and metrics on its performance. With a traditional email newsletter this is an arduous process that is not well integrated with marketing automation systems and one that does not elicit interaction with the content.

“While Newsletters are a tried and true method of communicating with customers they lack a level of engagement that can drive more conversations.” said Jeff Mesnik, President of ContentMX.  “Powered by the ContentMX Cloud, we have modernized newsletters to increase the chance of engaging your reader, in sharing your content and building momentum to fully eclipse the entire content marketing cycle.”

Modern newsletter production with ContentMX showcases the difference between static content and highly engaging content. ContentMX Newsletters go beyond traditional mediums by integrating into the entire content marketing process to become a tool of true engagement.

“Since using ContentMX, we have increased our social network footprint.” said Lisa Carter, CEO of SpartanTec, a Fortinet partner. “We have more customers coming back and more prospects inquiring because of our content promoted through ContentMX.  In addition, their customer service is superior.”

The ContentMX modern newsletter is an integral part of the ContentMX Cloud platform, and is easy to create and populate with original and curated content without having to know html or use a complex curation tool. It is fully customizable with responsive templates that are mobile-friendly, is able to integrate all types of content, from articles and video to infographics, incorporates campaigns that capture lead and share information, can generate lead activity reports for the sales team, and includes a gamification component to encourage the sharing of newsletter content. ContentMX Cloud also measures newsletter metrics such as the number of shares per article posted as well as statistics on who shared the content. The newsletter platform also supports SEO efforts with a live newsletter archive and a content microsite.

About ContentMX

ContentMX is a marketing technology and services company with a singular mission to enable enterprise, channel and SMB marketers to increase engagement and drive more conversations with quality relevant content, delivered through interactive email newsletters, blogs, social media and microsites. The ContentMX Cloud, helps over 300 customers accelerate customer engagement by coordinating and enhancing content marketing efforts through original and curated content, socially-enabled newsletters that promote sharing and campaigns that capture leads.  The ContentMX Cloud integrates with existing technologies and tools, simplifies your marketing automation workflow and improves brand compliance to create a unified, coordinated content experience across your organization.