Do you like it when your employees socialize on the job? (Refering to Facebooking, Linkedin, Twitter Etc.)

Jeff Mesnik Q & A

Antony Radbod wrote:

I am a huge advocate of employees using social media outlets. They are your brand ambassadors. They give the company personality. I would monitor to make sure no negative comments and/or proprietary information is going out.

You want to leverage the employees to discuss what the company culture is. If you have a product have them discuss the product or what they are doing with the product specifically.

I would have some matrix in place to track and measure the progress they make. You want to make it a simple and seamless process for the employees so it doesn’t become a task. You can see what they are doing everyday by tracking MT (outgoing messages) and how many followers they have. Let it be a mix of work and home for them. It keeps it authentic as well as more enjoyable to read. This way it is a personal touch and almost unsolicited.

Content is key, if you can provide a daily buzz worthy information, you will get more people taking. This is a good way to control what info goes out. The employee will add their personal touch there after.

My motto is that every employee works in Marketing and Business Development.

Anthony Radbod is the Director, Marketing Solutions at Creative Asylum