Can Email Newsletters Drive Social Engagement?

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Have you used email newsletters to help with your social marketing? Would love to hear thoughts and stories?
Becky Trowbridge We send regular email newsletters including social media tips or techniques to help stay in contact with our mailing list. People often comment to me about specific items in the emails and it sparks conversations at events or while networking informally.
September 13 at 9:06 PM
Bridget Willard Yes. I use Constant Contact and send out emails when we have good content to share like a technical blog post or a project profile. My goal is to send once a month but we don’t send just to send either. One such email produced a lead that turned into a job for us.
September 17 at 1:24 PM
Priya R We do send out newsletters once a month. It includes some insightful collaterals, general news and a link back to all our social media accounts.
September 20 at 9:41 AM
Jeff Mesnik @Becky, @Bridget, @Priya, Thanks so much for your responses. We have been doing a lot of speaking around the ideas of using your blog posts in your newsletters, and also using User Generated comments from facebook posts. Any thoughts on that? Have you guys tried that? Are you still creating unique content for only your newsletter? We have postulated that you should use content from social in your email newsletter, which will keep consistency of message, save time, and drive more action. Thought?
September 20 at 1:32 PM
Priya R Jeff, good point about using blog posts for newsletter. We currently use whitepapers, case studies to push through our newsletters. So no separate content for newsletter as such! Can you please elaborate on using Facebook posts via newsletter? How relevant would it be for our subscribed audience!
September 21 at 5:01 AM
Jeff Mesnik Hey Priya, Sure I can be specific… Why not let other people support you in your newsletter… For example there is this comment on your Facebook Page.From: Anirban Bakshi
I’m into US healthcare & tuition reimbursement administration process for last 6 years..workin in customer analysis & research..willing to work with WNS is a dream…
about a week agoWhy not use this comment in your newsletter and support it with a comment that say’s, “You know you have a great reputation when people WANT to work with you…”

Or you have articles on Facebook with 20 Thumbs up you can place those full posts into your newsletter to show that you are liked and are earning a solid reputation. It helps to validate your content… people want to read what other people like…

So… I will give a little pitch which i have been avoiding… so sorry in advance… but our application is designed to do that easily.. we pull the full posts and comments.

Back to the stats… Social content in a newsletter has higher engagement rates than most other content. But you are doing the right things by using the WhitePapers, typically they have the highest share rate. Here is a link to a webinar I did that discusses everything in greater detail.

I hope this was helpful… happy to discuss more

September 21 at 12:03 PM

Priya R Thanks a million Jeff…You have been of great help with your insights. I will surely check out socializeyourstuff..Good way of tying up social media with your newsletters.
September 24 at 6:28 AM