Enhance Your Marketing Strategy With the Right Content

ContentMX How To

Let us show you to how easy it can be to enhance your current and future marketing efforts to drive leads and sales. We take your marketing ideas and provide you the content, tools and services to get it done. 

ContentMX Intro to Content from ContentMX on Vimeo.


1. Request Custom Written Articles 

Remove the writer’s block with custom content written just for you! Original content is key to sustaining an integrated and engaging content marketing strategy. Our ContentMX platform makes it easy to always have access to original content. As the video shows, it only takes a minute to request an article, just provide the topic or subject, then our expert team of writers craft a custom article that is original and SEO optimized.

Our platform automates the process of requesting an article, then we work with you to create content that exemplifies your brand and your unique offerings.

2. Write Your Own Messages 

You can update your website, write a blog post, compose a message or response for social media, create an email or mobile friendly email newsletters using the ContentMX dashboard.  Our automated platform helps you stay up-to-date with your editorial calendar and manage your workflow, while saving you time and effort. Have something to say?  Craft a message and quickly publish it to one or all of your platforms (website, blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo etc). Publish it immediately or schedule it for a later date. 

And stay connected to your customers with our mobile friendly email newsletters. Create a standard email newsletter or incorporate our unique social features, which will help you will drive traffic to your website, increase engagement and extend your social reach. 

3. Curate Content 

We put live feeds from content sources that you choose at your fingertips. With our dashboard you can connect and organize to all our your content sources including websites, blogs, YouTube channels, LinkedIn groups, Twitter Feeds and Facebook pages.  The dashboard allows you to follow numerous feeds and conversations (ones that you follow or don’t) and engage in real time.

Organize your feeds, just drop and drop, by folders and panels, topic or industry.  For example, recently attended a conference and met a bunch of new prospects? Label a folder “Tech Conference” and import your prospect’s Twitter feeds, blogs and Facebook pages into that folder. Now you can easily nurture those relationships online. Our dashboard makes it easy to stay engaged with the people who matter most to your company. 

We also have a mobile app! Download the Publisher mobile app and be able to perform all the same functions from your phone! Available for iOS 5.0 or later and Android. Our ContentMX has so many more capabilities,  email us at sales@contentmx.com to learn more.