Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need ContentMX?

If you are a marketer or salesperson, you need to consider how content marketing fits into your marketing and sales strategy. ContentMX provides strategy, content, and a platform (called Butterfly Publisher) for launching, managing, and measuring content marketing campaigns. If you know the pain of creating a newsletter while managing your blog and social media – you need us!

What’s with all the butterflies?

Social Butterfly – noun. A very sociable person who flits from one social event to another. Likened to a butterfly flitting between flowers. With Butterfly Publisher the butterfly symbolizes how your content can move quickly from place to place across the web.

Where can I publish content?

Currently Butterfly Publisher will post content to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, HubSpot, WordPress, Tumblr, Slideshare, YouTube, Flickr, Email lists, and an RSS feed. You can also connect to email marketing platforms such as Constant Contact, MailChimp, Exact Target, Vertical Response, and iContact. Many more places are planned, so stay tuned!

From what sources can I obtain content?

This is one of our core features. Currently content can come from Blog/RSS feeds, Twitter feeds, Facebook Feeds, LinkedIn Groups, Twitter Search, Google Search, Bing Search, Google Reader, and other Butterfly Publisher accounts. Content can either sit in a library for users to select when they want to use it or it can automatically flow into a Butterfly Publisher account and be posted automatically.

Do you shorten links for use in short messages?

Yes. We have our own link shortening service that automatically finds and shortens links associated with your messages. These links are tracked so that we can provide detailed reports.

What types of media do you support? How about pictures and video?

Short messages can be associated with much more than just a little text. Currently Butterfly Publisher lets you post links, pictures, videos, blog articles, documents, and quick polls.

How much does it cost and can I see how it works?

Please contact us to learn more about our solutions and about a FREE trial. We have flexible pricing plans that can fit most budgets.