How it Works

Obtain Content

Save time and effort

Point Butterfly Publisher to all of your major content sources (or to ones we suggest). Collect content from blogs and keyword searches. Pull whole conversations from Facebook, Twitter feeds, and LinkedIn groups. Grab videos from YouTube channels, and more. This puts all of the content you need at your fingertips – pre-formatted and ready-to-use. Or, create and manage original content of your own.

Custom Content

Using a content marketplace of thousands of quality writers, we regularly produce SEO friendly articles specifically for your business.

Curate Content

Be an authority

A content dashboard makes it easy to categorize and organize your efforts. Add your own voice to the content you curate.

Then, schedule and post to your social networks (like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn), your blog (using Hubspot, WordPress, Tumblr or Blogger), and your newsletter. We take care of all the formatting and presentation needed for each destination.

Publish Content

Newsletters made easy

Bring social and blog content together into a social newsletter. There is no easier way to produce a newsletter that includes active social conversations that drive more customer engagement.

Publish more frequently and with less work using automatic and manual publishing modes.

Send the newsletter using the email marketing platform you already have, or use our built-in email sending capability. No need to replace your existing marketing platform, we just make it better.

View Reports

Measure your results

Track your content and get one snapshot showing how it performs across your social, blog and email newsletter.

Discover your most popular content and let this help define your future content strategy. Then, determine which people are most engaged with your content and segment them for further follow-up.