How Often Should You Post to Your Social Networks?

ContentMX How To

One of the most common questions asked by users is how frequently they should be posting to social networks – but is there a correct answer?

Generally if you take the stance that you are a curator of content for your audience then the publishing frequency is probably more or less gated by the amount of truly useful and newsworthy links you can find each day.

For instance, if you are actively reporting from a live event, you could post something new about what is happening every 15 minutes. Your audience is following along virtually and understands the real-time nature of what you are doing. On the other hand if you are posting famous quotes, jokes, cartoons, and general tips you should probably hold back to once or twice daily.

It is also our experience that the frequency of your posts should be determined by the social site you are using. For Twitter, you can post several times a day (even every few hours) without much concern. Tweets scroll quickly enough through the users main feed that posting a few times a day does not seem excessive. On the other hand, posting frequently on Facebook generates a more negative reaction. It is probably best not to exceed more than two or three updates per day on your Facebook page (if not less).