Credit Unions: Make the Most of Life Moments

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Companies have been using life moments to drive their marketing strategies for years, and companies like Bank on More, Google and the Bank of Albuquerque are just three examples of how to use life moments to drive a content marketing strategy. 

As we shared in our article for CU Insight back in May, Bank On More does a fantastic job of using the concept of life moments as a marketing strategy. What I really enjoy about their strategy is they make sure to include all different life moments, knowing that each member is trying to experience a different life plan. 

Google has created many commercials featuring life moments as the foundation, but this commercial, 'Dear: Sophie' is a great example of how important relevance is when using life moments as a marketing strategy. 

I also really like the approach Bank of Albuquerque took with their commercial, 'Business Life Moments'. The commercial tailors their message, "Long Live Your Money", to the needs and values of their business customers. 

Commercials are not the only way to use life moments as a marketing strategy. In our upcoming webinar, 'Sharing Life Moments with Members' on June 30th, we will provide  you the tools and strategies on how to incorporate life moments to your blog, website, social media platforms and email newsletters.

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