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ContentMX integrates with your existing marketing automation platform to expand your marketing results.

  • Simplify the content workflow
  • Drive traffic and improve SEO
  • Empower business units to create and maintain engaging communication with prospects and customers
  • Align content with corporate objectives and business rules
  • Get more value from your investment

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You Are Not Alone
According to a recent Content Marketing Institute survey, 54% of marketers struggle to produce engaging content and 50% of marketers are unable to produce content on a regular basis.

Your problems are more easily solved than you think.
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Improve Marketing Automation Workflow

Empower your business and marketing units by simplifying the steps to using your platform and keep them from adopting their own solutions.

Open Up Access to Content

Improve your content workflow and increase access to your enterprise content, relevant curated content and quality original content

Simplify Content Production and Newsletters

Social engagement is down, email results are up and newsletters are back as the most effective way to reach your audience. Simplify the process of producing and publishing newsletters, emails and campaigns to increase awareness and drive traffic.

Maintain Compliance and Brand Control

Maintain control of your brand while empowering your organization to produce and publish quality content that gets noticed by Google and improves SEO.

Previously, the process of building a newsletter was time-consuming and cumbersome. It required a lot of duplicate efforts, as we posted each story in our Emagazine, as well as in the Eloqua template. With ContentMX Cloud, the process has been significantly simplified.Lisa Schindler, Marketing Communications Manager, Arrow ECS

Deploy communications that are search-friendly, engaging and memorable.

Newsletters Work

Email marketing with newsletters is proven best practice, but they are traditionally difficult to produce because business groups lack access to the content and resources needed to take advantage of this medium. The ContentMX Cloud allows business groups within an enterprise to easily develop email newsletter campaigns that build and nurture relationships with prospects and customers.

A Content Marketing Agency

ContentMX offers a simplified process to create engaging email newsletters, facilitates the creation of original content, curates content specifically targeted to a business area or interest, and empowers marketers to automatically apply the corporate rules and standards required by enterprise owners and gatekeepers.

Solve Your Content Challenges

The ContentMX Cloud solves the content challenge of creating and delivering mobile-friendly email newsletters. These newsletters are also socially-enabled to promote sharing amongst recipients. Customers can easily empower divisions of their company to obtain curated and custom articles from internal and external sources, and suggest topics for custom written articles from our network of over 6,000 writers. The newsletter editor includes a number of standard templates that can be adapted or customized to meet branding requirements.

3 Significant Challenges that Corporate Marketers Face

Easy Install and Login

ContentMX integrates to many marketing automation platforms. You can click to install our App or simply make a connection through a few simple authorization steps.

If you are using the Oracle Eloqua as part of the Oracle Marketing Cloud, you can click the Install button below.


Why ContentMX?

Learn why ContentMX is an important addition to any marketing strategy. Successfully producing newsletters and other types of content-rich communications requires much more than just a pretty template.

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The ContentMX Cloud solves these top content challenges to improve SEO results, social marketing, and email engagement. We provide the integrated content, tools, and services that yield actionable results.

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Simplify workflow and increase participation in content marketing throughout your organization with a robust solution that enforces corporate guidelines and increases the adoption of your marketing automation platform.

3 to 1 Improvement

Client’s have seen significant time savings and better use of resources. For example, one client was able to take a newsletter that took one month to produce and sent every 3 months, and switch to a monthly newsletter that was assembled and distributed in a few days.

Drive Traffic

Clients regularly see an increase in website traffic and lead flow when they send their newsletter. In fact, one client has seen their web traffic double on days when their newsletter is sent.