Solve Your Content Challenge: Curate!

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Content Is King Website Screen Increase Traffic More Articles FeWhenever we get into a discussion about content marketing with others, the conversation usually always includes the challenges of creating content. We struggle too, so we know where they are coming from. Luckily we can provide a solution: content curation. 

Integrating content curation into your content marketing strategy provides invaluable benefits to a brand and its customers.  It enhances the original content, improves SEO, drives website traffic, and helps companies maintain a strong and constant online presence. Use content curation to stay consistent and to prove compatibility with customers, but most importantly, to be effective companies need to add their own commentary as well. 

Stay consistent 

Creating great content is challenge that everyone encounters, no matter how big or small the company. Curated content is a great go-to solution to help sustain a content marketing strategy, and to use content to engage with customers. Search Engine Journal agrees, “Curating content is considered a quality piece of content if done correctly, and it’s easy to put together. You can therefore push content out faster than you may have been in the past (but don’t go too overboard). Another way to put it: If you ever had those days where you just couldn’t think of something unique, create a post where you’ve curated content”.

Fill in the content gaps with content curated from trusted and reliable sources. Curated content can help brands remain active on social media and help maintain a strong presence on their website, blog, as well as social media.  

Prove your compatibility 

Communication with customers is no longer a one-way street; it’s a conversation between the brand and the customers. “Successful content marketing is about the brand’s culture being reflected and reinforced in its actions”, Forbes writes. Content curation helps to open up and start conversations with customers. It provides talking point, and if companies are sharing the right content,  the brand’s values and solutions are reflected through the curated content. 

Add your own commentary 

Sharing curated content will only be effective if commentary is also added. As mentioned before, it’s important when using curating content from other sources to not just copy and paste, but to add your own unique viewpoint. By doing so, companies are personalizing the content and the interaction with customers. The brand’s personality shines through while helping the customer get to know them better. 

Content Marketing Institute says, “You must put your own unique spin on others’ content by commenting on it, or by framing the discussion around the reasons your audience should find the information valuable. This can not only enhance your thought leadership strategy, but can also bring more leads to your content via the comments your content receives”. An easy way to do this is to create and engage in conversations on LinkedIn and then share those conversations in email newsletters and on social media. Encourage consumers to engage and share on their own social media sites. 

Today, ContentMX has officially announced several updates to the ContentMX content dashboard, including two new new content sources. Users can now access and easily publish content from Vimeo and Edmunds.  To learn more, visit our Release Notes Section