Short Message Marketing Increases Results

Jeff Mesnik How To

I have been involved with email marketing for years, well 11 years 11 months, I was one of the founders of an email marketing company, and I have to say we enjoyed some great times and I learned a lot.  One of the key elements that we learned was that newsletters with relevant content were always among the best types of marketing campaigns performed by our 3,000 clients.  I am measuring this success in click rates and newsletters got the highest.

Recently I am noticing something very interesting in this new company I started, Short Messages get higher click through rates.  We are seeing 10%-20% click rates on short messages with a link, and you were ecstatic if you got a 5% click through rate on any of your email marketing campaigns.  We may be starting to see the trend, that short relevant messages are more impactful than any others.

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