Socialize Your Stuff is now ContentMX

ContentMX Press Releases

Our new name has been chosen to reflect the ever expanding need by marketers to solve their content dilemma. Changes to Google have put the need for frequent, relevant content on a website, blog, email newsletter and social sites a top priority. Quality content now comes first in the Google universe. Google rewards a healthy mix of curated content and original content – and so do customers and prospects.

This is why we are ContentMX. We bring significant efficiencies to running a successful content marketing effort for yourself, your affiliates, and your clients. We are the best solution for businesses seeking great content – whether it is curated from great sources or original content crowd-sourced just for you. This content is then automatically converted into media that can easily be published to blogs, newsletters, and social networks to improve your search rankings, your site traffic, and engagement with your brand.

We see solving all of your content problems to be the key to your marketing success. We are excited to hang our hats under this new name, and look forward to working with you to make what you do, better.