Hacked Hall of Fame: Lessons Learned From the Biggest Cyber Breaches of 2016

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2016 brought cybersecurity to the forefront. One can’t turn on the nightly news without hearing about some massive data breach.  Presently, the news is dominated by the alleged Russian hack—which has called into question our democratic process. The cyber criminals keep upping the ante, with increasingly sophisticated tactics leading to larger spoils. To get an idea of the 2016 threat …


With HIPAA Audits Looming, How Will You Get Around Data Security Roadblocks?

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In healthcare, staying HIPAA-compliant is a priority. But the rise of cloud computing, mobility and the Internet of Things (IoT) have added additional complexities that make protecting patient information and staying HIPAA-compliant all the more difficult. With a new round of OCR HIPAA compliance audits scheduled, it’s time for healthcare firms to review their current security measures and identify their …


Approaching Cybersecurity in Borderless Network Environments

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Mobile workforces, the Internet of Things (IoT) and public and private clouds have stretched network borders to the point where they’re no longer recognizable. When your network gateways can be virtually anywhere, how can you keep your critical data secure without grinding business to a halt? It’s a tough question every organization must answer, especially when faced with increasingly mobile, …


Cyber Attacks Encourage Companies to Invest in Liability Protection

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Mitigating risk exposure to cyber threats is a growing concern for today’s businesses. Key on this list is smaller but growing companies that see more risks simply because they have increasing numbers of transactions or customers. It’s one of the reasons many companies are increasing their investment in cyber insurance. According to the “Benchmarking Trends: Cyber Attacks Drive Insurance Purchases …