Cyber Attacks Encourage Companies to Invest in Liability Protection

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Mitigating risk exposure to cyber threats is a growing concern for today’s businesses. Key on this list is smaller but growing companies that see more risks simply because they have increasing numbers of transactions or customers. It’s one of the reasons many companies are increasing their investment in cyber insurance. According to the “Benchmarking Trends: Cyber Attacks Drive Insurance Purchases …


Drones and the New Insurance Frontier

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Understanding a Drone’s Possibilities Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Unmanned Air Systems (UAS), or drones for short, are hurling the world into unchartered territories. Without a doubt, drones provide many businesses with an effective means to carry out operational activities in a cost-effective manner. From showcasing real estate to aerial surveys to general photography, drones are the new frontier. As a result, the …