The “Dad Bod” of Marketing

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Email newsletters may not seem sexy, and they may not look as powerful and viral as they once were.  But, just like the dads who proudly wear the “Dad Bods”, email newsletters provide a great source of stability for our marketing programs and have a great impact on our marketing outcomes.  Dad Bods are sexy again and so are newsletters – (Now I don’t want to be sexist and only refer to email marketing as male dominated, it’s NOT!!!  but until someone develops a suitable alternative that won’t get me kicked out of the house, I am sticking with this analogy.)

Email newsletters today (much like the Dad Bod) have been re-imagined, and will have a great impact on all of our marketing programs.  When we at ContentMX talk about marketing, we break it down to three basic initiatives: be found, be engaging, and be remembered. We then apply the relevant techniques that impact these basic tenets.

Be Found – This is about content, and SEO; however one important aspect considered by the Google algorithm is the level of repeated and consistent traffic.  If you produce a regular email newsletter, this directs people back to your site on a regular basis.  And much like a full storefront attracts more people, so does a full website.

Be Engaged – When prospects are engaged with you socially they become better prospects, and they also help drive more traffic to our sites. An Email newsletter with social triggers aligned with individual articles actually is the number one producer of social engagement.   This is especially true if you add a game to the content (e.g., top sharers receive a $25 gift card).

Be Remembered – Nothing helps insure you are at the top of the memory shelf better than a regular email newsletter.  Your newsletter should be something people receive at regular intervals.

Much like the dads who now proudly wear their Dad Bods, email newsletters are sexy again! And let’s face it, good email newsletters (much like good dads) have a great impact on “young” marketing initiatives.

So now it’s time to get your “sexy on” and ask about how you can reimagine your newsletter: the Dad Bod of marketing.

(Disclosure Statement: This article was written by a proud owner of a Dad Bod, and this fact has definitely influenced the content of this article.)