Webinar for Credit Unions: Sharing Life Moments with Members

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Sharing Your Life with Members
Monday, June 30th
2pm EST 

Every day your members are going through different life stages – they are saving for their first car, sending kids off to college, looking to buy their first home, or planning for their retirement future. These moments are exciting, and often challenging, and as a credit union your services are effortlessly interwoven into these life stages. 

So how can you take that message and turn it into an action? 

In this webinar you will learn:  

  • Why companies have been declaring life moments as marketing strategies for years 

  • How to incorporate life moments into your marketing strategy

  • The power of visuals and curated content 

  • How to gain a member for life by helping them make the most of their life moments 


About the Speaker: 

Jeff Mesnik is the President of ContentMX and has worked in content marketing and with financial firms for over 10 years, helping everyone from MassMutual to Arizona Federal Credit Union develop their content marketing programs.