Weekly Wrap Up: Friday, April 25th

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We’re back this week with another Weekly Wrap Up, sorry for our absence last week. This week, in the spirit of our upcoming webinar, Brand Marketing for Credit Unions on Wednesday, April 30th (to learn more and to register, visit here), the Weekly Wrap Up will focus on credit unions, and the marketing trends that are affecting them. 

First up, ‘3 Ways Banks Can Make Money from a Content Marketing Strategy’. While the Financial Brand says bank, you can easily replace bank with credit union and the same 3 strategies apply: cross-content selling from online banking, powerful content lifts conversions everywhere else, and use your blog as a sales conduit. Great content not only engages customers and raises brand awareness, but sharing great content can drive new sales and new members. 

Often when we talk about the importance of credit unions having an online presence and using social media, we compare it to the customer service they provide inside their branches. We encourage them to look at it in the same way, and to see it as a platform to provide the same amount of care and attention they give their customers when they walk into their branch. Customers are looking for, and expecting, the same amount of attention and information when they interact with a credit union online. Bryce Roth from Chatter Yak! summed it up perfectly with his article on the Digital Branch for CU insight. “Tell stories, share information, and deliver value to your members. Instead of creating a banner ad featuring your newest auto loan promo, why not use a short video of a member talking about their experience financing with you?”

” But millennials trust information found in user-generated content 50% more than information from traditional media sources and find user-generated content 35% more memorable than other sources”. Credit Union Times featured a great article that reminds us all, credit union or not,  when trying to reach the Millennials we need to focus on user-generated content.  As Bryce Roth said above, it is about sharing experiences. Reviews and testimonials are a great, and simple way to use user-generated content to connect with millennials. 

Lastly, check out our latest article CU Insight on ‘How to Act in a Dodd Frank World’. Inspired by our time at the CUNA Conference and talking with the credit unions in attendance, we provided a few solutions on how credit unions can overcome the new challenges they are faced with due to the creation of the Dodd-Frank Act. The Dodd-Frank Act is one of the many topics we will discuss during the Brand Marketing for Credit Unions Webinar next Wednesday.