What Does a Travel Company Get from Social Media?

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As you start to build out your marketing plans and budget for 2013, do you ever consider whether or not the investments you’ve been making in social media are actually paying off?  

Well, according to a new survey conducted by Traktek Partners, a Boston based marketing agency specializing in the Travel & Hospitality sector, investments made in building out companies’ social media presence is starting to pay off and have proven to be an effective medium for companies seeking to build brand reputation, exposure and generate new sales.

When asked to define their current goals for social media, nearly 85% of respondents said they wanted to build brand awareness. This was followed by nearly 70% seeking to build site traffic.

When these same companies were asked what results their actual social media efforts achieved, over 33% said it yielded new sales – a factor which was not predicted in their original goals. In addition, 71% of respondents felt they had successfully increased their brand awareness and 64% agreed that they had increased site traffic.

When asked which marketing channels yielded the best results, one third of the respondents named Facebook as a good channel. Equally important, however, was email.

From this survey, we can see that companies in the travel industry are using Facebook, Twitter, and blogs to successfully support their brand and generate traffic. We can also see that regular email communications are an important part of this marketing mix and should be an integrated part of this strategy.

What do you think about this study? Do you think this is unique to the travel industry?
Traktek Partners (www.traktekpartners.com) is a consulting & marketing agency that specializes in revenue and lead generation for the travel & leisure, higher education, and technology sectors.