So What is Google Looking For?

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This week we hosted two webinars on ‘The Power of the Panda’, where we discussed Google’s latest algorithm update and what the update means for the direction of your website and content marketing strategy 

So what is Google looking for?

1. Panda is not looking to harm you or to change how you work, it is trying to leverage what you want. Look to the content you like to read and share, and how you share it. 

2. Google wants original content, not replicated content. 

3. Websites that are able to sustain engagement will rank better.  Time spent on websites, returning visitors and website traffic are all factors that Google looks at when determining page rank. 

4. Keywords still matter, but in context. It is about infusing your content with keywords, not overstuffing. 

4. The CMO’s Guide to the 2014 Social Landscape is a fantastic resource that we often refer back to. You can view it here


To view the ‘The Power of the Panda’ webinar for Technology Marketers, visit here.

To view the ‘Power of the Panda’ webinar for Credit Unions, visit here

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