What, No Email? A Unique Content Marketing Strategy

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If you have been reading our blog, you will note that we discuss a lot about how email is extremely important to developing a successful content marketing program.  But, what if using email goes against one of the basic tenets of what your company does?  

I was recently presenting to a company that falls into this category. It has some of the most unique software for protecting all of your personal data.  In this case, using email to market their solution could seem hypocritical.  

This posed an interesting challenge to someone like me who is a huge email marketing advocate. After about 15 minutes of me wracking my brain to find a loophole to get around their concerns and of total disbelief that they would not use email, we started to develop an email-less plan to attack their market.

What we realized is that despite these restrictions, they have a very powerful and interesting topic to discuss: protecting your privacy.  And even without email, there were many ways for them to relay this core message.

Without revealing too much more about them (and just between you and me 🙂 ), here are the aspects of the content marketing plan we devised:  

  • Key Questions – Define the questions that need to be answered before people will download their offering.  
  • Blog – The core of the content plan needs a blog that is kept very fresh and very relevant.
  • Twitter – Search out conversations and use and respond to key questions based on the plan, and always link the answers back to more details on their blog site
  • LinkedIN – Develop a LinkedIN Group focused on conversations around protecting personal privacy.  There were no current groups discussing this topic, so we will need to find affiliated groups to target.
  • Content Syndication – Target organizations who are looking for more content about protecting personal data.  As we researched this we discovered that there are a lot of different types of organizations who might be interested in this content.
  • Facebook – post frequent updates of relevant news and information to help remind customers to advocate for the brand. While in the past we have declared the email newsletter as the number one loyalty and engagement platform, Facebook can be a close second.  

So there you have it. A no-email content strategy geared to serving the needs of a unique company. What are your special needs? Does this inspire you to develop a content strategy of your own? Please visit us at http://contentmx.com. We look forward to hearing from you.