What’s in a Name?

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The name of a company can tell you a lot about what it does. It can tell you about its history. It can reveal its aspirations and its purpose. Sometimes a company name simply originates from the person who started it and succeeds with the carefully cultivated brand marketing that followed. McDonalds sells burgers and Ford sells cars.

For us, the Socialize Your Stuff name has represented the easy ways we bring social media to business. But as we have grown, our company and our mission has become much more. We have selected ContentMX as our new name because we are excited to embrace the grander content marketing strategies that we now bring to our clients.

So why ContentMX? Perhaps the are several ways to look at it:

ContentMX = Content Marketing
ContentMX = Content Management
ContentMX = Content to the Max
ContentMX = Content to the Power of X
ContentMX = Content Mix – The right mix of content for better business results.

In all cases we see solving your content problems to be the key to your marketing success. We are excited to hang our hats under this new name, and look forward to working with you to make what you do, better.