When Panda’s Attack!

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By Jeff Mesnik

Wait Panda's are cute fuzzy animals, have you seen that video of them at the playground? Well Pandas can be one bad ass animal, if you are not careful they can do a lot of damage!

When Google's Panda 4.0 attacks your site it is not so cute and fuzzy anymore, and they can take a major bite out of your SEO rankings!

This is our introduction to a new series of posts talking a about Panda 4.0 since its effects are starting to be felt far and wide. The posts will lead up to a Webinar called "The Power of the Panda" in the end of August.

The webinar will focus on how Panda 4.0 updates can be a huge win for your organization. So keep your eyes out for the invite.

In the mean time – here is a link to a great article about Panda and a quick excerpt which I believe highlights one of the most important changes!

Syndication Problems

There were a number of companies that reached out to me with major Panda hits (losing greater than 60 percent of their Google organic traffic overnight). Upon digging into several of those sites, I noticed a pretty serious syndication problem.

Those websites had been consuming syndicated content at various levels, and much of that content got hammered during Panda 4.0. The percentage of syndicated content residing on the websites ranged from 20 to 40 percent."


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