Why Halfway Hank is Ruining Your Content Marketing

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“Halfway through the center of town, halfway down the street, lived a boy who cleaned half his room, and rode a bike with half a seat….”

In the popular children’s story, Halfway Hank lives a “halfway kind of life.”  Hank washes his face, but never reaches his feet and when he only has half a canoe in the race, he most obviously sinks.

Just like Halfway Hank,  Halfway Content Marketing jeopardizes your success and holds you back from attaining your real goals.

As marketers, because of time and resources, we often find our content efforts like Halfway Hank and it is hurting our end results.  We do not produce original content consistently which lowers our search rankings. We do not push enough relevant content to our prospects and customers. We make a newsletter but it is missing real value. And, we do not publish our content through all available channels — maybe only half of them.  When our efforts only cover part of the content process, we do not see the results that will make a real impact for our sales organizations.

How can you fix your Halfway Hank problem?

  1. Publish new original content (to blogs and social media) at least twice a month

    • Companies that publish once a week have twice the traffic as those that do not

  2. Curate content every week and post to your blog

    • Companies that most often link to third-party sites see the best click to conversion ratio

    • Linking out to well-respected authority sites will not only increase the relevancy of your content and time readers spend on your site, but it is also believed to send trust signals to Google and improve SEO ranking”

  3. Send a bi-monthly email newsletter

    • 57% see email newsletters as the most effective lead nurturing program.

  4. Trigger sharing of content via social media

    • According to Daniel Louis, social sharing increases your SEO rankings.

  5. Use third party industry curation publications to promote content

    • To gain ultimate exposure and drive more traffic from your content, sites like cybersecurityjournal.org can curate your content in a way that drives more traffic and can even directly drive leads.

The best way to avoid being the Halfway Hank of content marketing is to use an end-to-end solution that enforces a methodology, to create original content and newsletters, integrate with the entire marketing stack, publish across all mediums and easily allows access to publications that will reference your content and drive more traffic.

To put an end to your Halfway Hank practices, a service like ContentMX provides that end-to-end marketing solution that will allow your organization to gain the full benefit from your content marketing efforts.  If you are interested in learning more about this program reach out to sales@contentmx.com