Why Useful Content is so…. Useful

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Google’s new algorithm Hummingbird, which was released in September, is rewarding websites for having great content. We’ve tweeted about the impact of Hummingbird before, but as we keep reading more and more about Hummingbird it is even more apparent that Google is really showing their appreciation for great content. Thanks Google!

We love that Hummingbird will rank sites based on quality and relevance of their content, and reward sites that have great answers for people’s searches. Hummingbird will be more responsive to people’s searches; it will be better equipped to handle more conversational searches.

So keep posting that great content you’ve been posting. Keep asking yourself what are the important questions your customers have? Have can we be even more helpful? What are our customer’s interests and how can we speak to that?  Don’t be afraid to ask your customers directly too.