7 Benefits of Using a Cloud Database Service

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Moving your database to the cloud doesn’t have to require your current IT team drop what they’re doing and focus on a cloud migration.  There are services available to help you make the move.  There are many benefits to using a service provider, here are 7 of them:

  1. Migration speed – using a team of experienced professionals eliminates the “uh oh” situations created by not understanding the challenges associated with developing and executing cloud database strategies.
  1. Fully benefit from AWS, Azure and Google Cloud – using a managed services provider, you get the advantages of these cloud products with the monitoring, backup and disaster recovery to best fit your needs.
  1. Ensure optimum database performance, access, protection, compliance, availability, and scalability plus continuously manage the environment to ensure database optimization and maximum performance.
  1. Ensure predictable performance — Analyzing and tuning each data set to match the workflow characteristics helps ensure the most predictable cloud database and application performance.
  1. Compliance —solutions are implemented to satisfy organizations’ compliance requirements such as HIPAA and PCI.
  1. Reduce database TCO — when moving to the cloud, there is opportunity to consolidate your databases and realize up to a 50 percent database consolidation ratio, reducing IT management efforts and database license costs.
  1. Mitigate risk — by following industry best practices, you have peace of mind knowing that your cloud databases are protected, secure, and private.