Channel Enablement

Two service offerings that can be used separately or together as an integrated suite.

To Partner Communication

Enhance your partner communications with a regular email newsletter that includes instant tools for sharing and amplifying your brand. Learn More

Through Partner Communications

Expand the footprint of your brand while giving each channel partner their individual voice. Learn More

The Ultimate Channel Newsletter

Taking your channel communications strategy to a new level begins with a powerful yet simple partner enablement solution. It is as simple as sending an email. Replace or improve your existing partner communications with an interactive, socially engaging, and mobile-friendly email newsletter that:

  • Enables partners to share critical and timely content in an instant. No setup or pre-enrollment required.
  • Establishes incentives (e.g., a leader board) that encourage partners to promote content to the end customer.
  • Is easier and more accessible to partners who read their email on a mobile phone.
  • Incorporates social media postings to encourage social engagement.

Channel Enablement Newsletter

How it Works

A ContentMX enabled partner newsletter incorporates these unique features:

  • Send one mailing that comes from many different members of your sales team at the same time.
  • A Share button on specific items that makes it easy for partners to re-post content to their customers.
  • Embedded social conversations – which includes the number of likes and comments – that drives further interaction with social media posts.
  • A mobile-friendly, “responsive” template that folds into a single column when displayed on a mobile phone.
  • A leader board with real-time totals that lets partners see how they are doing in relation to the promoted goals. Let them compete to be better marketers!
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Through Partner Communications Platform

In addition to a solid partner communication strategy with shareable content, you can further empower partners with a complete content marketing solution.

The Vendor Perspective

  • Partners are looking for any help you can give them. Happy partners bring happy customers.
  • Partners often do not market themselves or your brand appropriately
  • When you give partners selling materials, it is hard to audit what they do with them.

The Partner Perspective

  • They are struggling to maintain their Google search rank to drive leads.
  • Their salespeople need easy access to materials and gated content that produces leads.
  • They have very limited time, and need easier access to good content
  • They have a very difficult time coming up with content so they limit what they do
  • They need their marketing to be easier to produce and more effective.

Channel Marketing Tools

As you know, channel partners are seeking tools and resources that will help them communicate and engage their prospects. And you would like to push your marketing and sales information through to customers. Both of you see opportunities to leverage newsletters, blogs, and social media as a way to communicate, connect and foster relationships with prospects and clients, and bring in new leads.

So where do you begin and how do you maintain successful and scalable marketing campaigns that drive sales results? That’s where we come in.

Ready-To-Go Content

Our experts provide you the materials and support needed for partner recruitment, education and training. Then, content marketing experts will work with you to define an editorial calendar and then produce a steady stream of relevant content to be syndicated to your channel as Tweets, Facebook updates, Newsletter and blog posts.

Easy, Centralized Administration

Through one console you can manage all of your partner accounts. Easily add or remove partner accounts. See which partners are the most active and the types of activity they are generating.

Training Every Step Of The Way

Relax, our turn-key program includes training at both the channel and partner level. We’ll also offer social media etiquette, best practices and educational training that will have your partners engaging and selling like never before.

Business Intelligence Reports

A successful channel partner marketing platform must also demonstrate the results of your efforts. Real-time reports give you a birds eye view on what your partners are doing. You can see which content they are using the most and see which content is most popular with their customers. Overall you will be able to see how well your brand and your message are being spread throughout your channel and that it is being done in a positive and consistent manner.

Branding and Regulation Compliance

One of the key benefits of our integrated marketing solution is that it can enforce the branding and compliance regulations of your organization. When needed, protect your brand and content guidelines by requiring content approval before publication. Lock down content to allow only pre-approved Facebook updates and Tweets to be posted. Ensure regulatory compliance by archiving all communications and avoid the accidental disclosure of sensitive data.

Easy to Learn and Use

Partners can be up-and-running in minutes. It’s easy to connect and push content to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. This same content is also posted to a newsletter and a blog.

Save Time and Effort

Just a few minutes a week. That’s all it takes for your partners to manage their newsletter, blog, and social media marketing. Valuable and interesting content is at their fingertips – the hardest part of the job is done for them!

Reminders to Keep Partners Active

Ready-made content updates are published directly from a weekly email that highlights the latest content. We keep your partners active by giving them a friendly reminder each week.

Integrated Social Newsletters and Digests

The key to increasing social engagement and leveraging blog content is to start the process through outreach to a partner’s email list. Each week your partners can send their social and blog content in addition to other user-entered content directly to their customers and prospects as a social newsletter. The newsletter has links that drive people back to the blog and social sites where the content was published to increase customer engagement.

Syndicated Microsites

Syndicated Microsite

A custom branded web site can also be included for each partner. This site features custom blog articles, additional solution specific content that comes from your business, gated promotional content such as white papers and events, and more. This microsite is designed as a landing spot for your brand and to improve SEO results.

Tangible Business Results

In the end, it’s the results that matter. Partners can track their activity to confirm it is making a positive impact. And, unique lead generating content helps partners identify new prospects and tap into engaged customers.

Coordinated Content Distribution and Syndication

The ContentMX content management system allows Tweets, Facebook and LinkedIn updates, blog and newsletter articles, YouTube videos, photos, emails and other content to be composed, scheduled and deployed. Syndicate to multiple channel partners. Control your content strategy for an entire collection of channel partners from a single location. Allow channel partners to compose their own content which can be approved before being sent.

Curated Content That Is Ready-to-Go

Ready-made Tweets, Facebook updates, newsletter articles and blog posts on relevant topics along with surveys and group promotions are essential to maintaining and growing a channel partner’s online presence. Content from your corporate database, review sites, and industry blogs can be placed into content libraries for easy selection by each partner. Required content that you create can even be pushed automatically to each channel partner (or even a selected group of partners) and published on their behalf. A weekly email digest alerts channel partners of new content that they can click and quickly approve for distribution.

Tailor Content by Vertical, Region, and Partner Brand

Content selected from the content library can be customized automatically to include components that are unique for each channel partner. For instance, select a tweet that automatically includes a link back to the partner website. Choose a Facebook update that automatically includes the channel partner name. Or, pick a coupon that is automatically tailored to include the partner logo, address, and industry specific offer.

Promotions, Offers, and Group Deals

Promote new business through our socially enabled promotion engine. A range of offers and promotion designs can be selected. Use the power of social networks to turn the customers of your channel partners into advocates and turn these customers’ friends into new prospects.

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Lead Generating Social Content

The ContentMX platform includes interactive social content elements which can be used to achieve tangible business results. These elements are designed to …

  • Expand the number of fans and followers
  • Provide offers which generate new prospects and customers
  • Promote the sharing of content and re-enforcement of your brand
  • Receive answers to important questions
  • Display a leaderboard to encourage sharing.

Social Offers with Lead Capture

Whitepapers, webinars, incentive discounts, and other special offers are important ways to drive business. They become even more powerful when you add social aspects to the way they are distributed and promoted.

Getting More Fans and Followers

Social offers created through ContentMX can act as a catalyst for getting people to “like” your Facebook page or to follow you on Twitter. They are promoted through social updates such as tweets and posts to your Facebook wall, and can also be distributed through newsletters, your Website, your Blog, and more. These incentive programs can be flexibly designed to fit your brand and can become templates that produce new offers regularly throughout the year.

Collecting Leads

Providing special offers through your social network presence also provides an opportunity to collect information about the people receiving the offer. These promotions can be configured to capture leads in different ways.

Group-Level and Partner-Level Reporting

Each channel partner can measure how well their social marketing initiatives are working for them. Channel activity can also be measured as a group. Through these reports, the answer to several important questions can be discovered:

  • What types of content are generating the most clicks to the channel partner websites?
  • Which types of content are the most “liked”?
  • What topics generate the most comments?
  • Which offer is generating the most leads?

Integration and Single Sign On

The ContentMX platform is built on flexible open-source standards. This provides the opportunity for us to integrate with a wide range of systems at both the data and user interface level. Our system can be customized to fit within many environments and work within a single-sign-on model.