Is Your Cybersecurity Content Reaching the C-Suite?

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An Important Concern

As far back as 2014, the SEC made it clear that the Board of Directors is accountable for cyber attacks on on organization.  In 2017, this is more true than ever. While most organizations clearly communicate sales and marketing data and metrics, they do not have the same systems in place to understand how protected they are from a cyber attack. Boards are struggling to understand the changing landscape and their real risk. The problem is that there is a lack of information on how cybersecurity measures affect the entire organization, how cyber is linked to business issues. and how to measure the effectiveness of protections.

In a recent interview, Geri Denterlein, the founder and CEO of Denterlein, said this, “something like 90% of the value of major US corporations comes from their IP and other intangibles. Yet a recent National Association of Corporate Director’s report showed less than 10% of both public and private board members are very confident that their companies are secured against cyber attacks. This is a big issue for board members.”

With more buying decisions raised to the C-Suite, your content must talk to the issues that surround protecting the entire organization.

How Your Cybersecurity Content Can Educate the C-Suite

In order for the C-Suite to reduce organizational risk, they need to understand the entire enterprise landscape, the technology and the end user. And while many of you reading this article understand this, your content tends to reflect how to solve for individual issues and less on how to protect an entire organization.

In 2017, cybersecurity will be one of the top 5 issues discussed in the boardroom of companies of all sizes. These board members will need content that helps them understand all the facets of security that will place their organization at risk.  The issues that your content should address in the C-Suite includes:

  • insight into how protecting their assets can support their entire business.
  • compliance mandates and how to meet state and federal laws and regulations.
  • true effects of a cyber event such as loss of IP, reputation and brand value, customer and employee data, and violations of privacy
  • how to educate and engage the employee base to guard against malicious intent
  • what metrics should be used to monitor systems and calculate real risk
  • what policies and procedures are needed to protect against and respond to an attack
  • where the highest risk lies, ie. outside contractors, legacy systems, satellite offices, employees, etc.

If your content is not reaching out to the C-Suite you are missing opportunities. A recent LinkedIn study showed that 78% of stakeholders external to the IT department have influence over decisions. With this in mind, ContentMX has focused expertise at producing engaging cybersecurity content for organizations that educates and engages with the c-suite. As a Content Marketing Agency, we work with cybersecurity companies and those looking to educate top executives on cybersecurity issues to ensure you convey the right messages to the right level audience.