Email Marketing with Newsletters —

We Make it Happen

We Publish Newsletters that Look Great and Deliver Results

Newsletters provide an effective way to increase your SEO, improve your reputation, keep in touch with your prospects and customers, and build your business.

Our team will configure a template that conforms to your branding and design requirements. Our robust platform makes it easy to make your own adjustments.

No more missed deadlines. Your newsletter content is produced and curated and is ready to go each month. We can even press the send button for you. 

Evolve Your Newsletter to a Complete Engagement Platform

What is the Best Newsletter Platform for You?

The best newsletter tools work with you to boost your marketing efforts without putting a strain on your time and resources.  The best newsletter allows you to easily create newsletter marketing campaigns on a regular schedule without the bottleneck of finding and producing relevant content.  

From our perspective the best newsletter solution has the following characteristics:

  • Easy to use
  • Provides the best template for your business. You can create the exact newsletter format you would like. Don’t settle for a pre-made sample.
  • Includes flexible and easy to use mailing list management tools.
  • Allows you to easily integrate to send your newsletter though any other email marketing platform.
  • Provides good tracking and reports that reveal popular content.
  • Absorbs and flows content into templates automatically. Avoid the “color-by-number” approach.
  • Easily select content from multiple sources:
    • Obtain content from professional writers with ease.
    • Curate content from the web
    • Create your own
  • Easy publishing to multiple places:
    • Your mail list
    • Your blog
    • Your social networks
  • Allows and encourages sharing of individual content items.
  • Schedules delivery
  • Collects new leads:
    • Identifies active leads and notifies you proactively.
    • Builds your email list
    • Increases your sales and expands your business.

Welcome to the Next Generation of Newsletter Marketing

It’s More than Just a Pretty Template

The challenge in building an email newsletter goes well beyond a pretty template design and an email engine. The newsletter production process requires planning, regular content, content workflow, template assembly and layout, article hosting, review and testing.

Newsletters Built to Perform

Newsletters are key to building trust, establishing a dialogue, and moving leads through the sales process. Given the right attention, a regular email newsletter can provide a truly engaging experience for your audience and provide the sales intelligence and lead generation capabilities your business needs.

Content for Newsletters

High quality, timely, and relevant content is only a click away

Having many content sources available from within the ContentMX newsletter editor makes the curation and selection of this material a snap. When an item is selected from our cloud based content dashboard, it is formatted automatically to fit into the newsletter template. There is no easier and faster way to assemble your newsletter.

  • Select content from blogs or RSS feeds
  • Select content from Facebook
  • Select content from Twitter
  • Select content from LinkedIn
  • Select content from Google search results
  • Select media from YouTube or Vimeo  

Or, select customized content written specifically for you.

Custom Written Newsletter Articles

ContentMX also provides new original articles custom written for your organization. These 500-word articles are great for supplementing your own work, and provide the new material your blog, website, social media and newsletter need to improve your SEO and drive more traffic to your business. We assemble a team of expert writers who produce the content in your voice and according to the editorial calendar you define.

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Content that Drives Engagement

The ContentMX Conversation Page

ContentMX can help you to maintain your organization’s Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google+ Page, but for even more control you can manage a ContentMX Conversation Page. This is a social media page that you own. It is integrated to your Twitter account to obtain new members and it is pushed out regularly to your contact list to maintain awareness.

When comments from social media pages are added to a newsletter, your audience is invited to participate in the discussion. We call this the “ContentMX Echo” and it is a powerful way to close the loop.

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Lead Generation and Sales Intelligence

Active Lead Report

Newsletters are ideal for measuring reader interest.

Click data can provide your salespeople with some fast information and intelligence about certain prospects and their interests. The ContentMX Active Lead™ report is triggered by a ContentMX email newsletter. This report is emailed to you automatically after each mailing to provide salespeople with the name and contact information of each person clicking on the articles in the newsletter. This information helps guide the conversations your sales team has with prospects and customers.

Integrate to Your Marketing Platform

ContentMX provides everything you need to build and distribute an email newsletter, but it is also easily combined with the marketing technology platform you already use.

Exact Target oracle_eloqua Constant Contact
 external_network_acton MailChimp HubSpot
Vertical Response  external_network_marketo iContact
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Automate Your Newsletter Process

Automation helps the newsletter production process. This includes:

  • Retrieving content automatically from an external RSS feed, content library, or social media page
  • Flowing content into specific newsletter sections using content rules – by tag, by source type, etc.
  • Producing a digest of social posts and related comments.
  • Automatically creating and sending a newsletter (draft or final) to one or more lists.

Automation helps ensure the right content is delivered on a timely basis. It also makes the process of creating newsletters easier and faster.

SEO Optimization, Microsite and Newsletter Archives

A Landing Page for All of Your Content

As content is produced for a newsletter, it is also simultaneously posted to a content microsite and archive. This portal is a great way to support your SEO efforts.

Microsite and Newsletter Archive

Take Your Newsletter to the Next Level

ContentMX takes the concept of building a newsletter to the next level. In addition to saving time and resources, ContentMX newsletters:

  • Are easy to assemble, with quality and relevant content only a click away.
  • Are built with fully customizable templates that are mobile-friendly.
  • Integrate to your blog, social, and email platforms – driving traffic to all the places where you have an online presence – and most importantly your web site.
  • Promote the sharing of newsletter articles to friends on social sites and email.
  • Provide timely sales intelligence (with Lead Activity reports).
  • Generate leads through integrated lead forms and promotional tools.
  • Improve your newsletter production process with content creation, workflow and automation capabilities.
  • Support SEO efforts with a live newsletter archive attached to a content microsite.