The first and largest provider of Streaming Content Marketplaces that connect vendors and resellers with high quality marketing and training materials

We believe that every successful marketing program starts with a content marketing strategy. A good content strategy answers the most common questions and problems experienced by your customers and prospects every day. It gives you stronger SEO results, generates more web traffic, and increases engagement with your brand. Our team of content professionals will define and implement a complete content strategy across blogs, email newsletters and social media with an intuitive content marketing platform that works with existing marketing tools, making what you do better.

Solutions for Your Company and Your Industry

ContentMX helps organizations improve their sales results by putting high quality content at their fingertips. We then make it very efficient to use this content in blogs and email newsletters that are tightly integrated with social media campaigns.


Channel Partner and Affiliate Solutions

Do you sell through resellers and affiliates, including franchises, independent consultants, or internal sales people? Use our unique content marketplace platform to provide channel partners with end-to-end content marketing and training. By including ready-made blog entries, email marketing, social media and social promotions, your partners will be empowered to represent your brand and improve your bottom line.

Are You A Technology Reseller or Integrator?

We make marketing your business easy and more effective. You have a lot on your plate and maintaining your blogs, social media, and email campaigns can be a burden on your time and resources. And, in this ever changing world, you have the added responsibility to accurately represent the brands you sell. ContentMX saves you time and effort by putting brand related content at your fingertips. It lets you more easily deploy marketing campaigns that are more effective at drawing your customers and prospects into the conversations that lead to sales.

Our History

ContentMX was started in 2008 by the founders of iMakeNews (IMN), an email and content marketing platform that powered email newsletters for thousands of businesses. This has provided us with a deep understanding of how to drive business results using high value content. ContentMX takes this content marketing know-how to a new level by deploying a new age marketing platform and solution.