Patriot Technologies Sees Increased Traffic and Visibility with ContentMX

ContentMX Case Study

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The Challenge: Promote Thought Leadership and Improve SEO

Patriot Technologies was looking to increase their SEO to improve their Google rankings to appear on the first page of search results. Patriot’s goal is to be a credible technology thought leader, trusted advisor and the go-to source for network security. As a Fortinet partner, Patriot was looking to implement a content strategy that would increase their awareness as a premier provider of cybersecurity solutions.

The Solution: An Enhanced Newsletter with Original and Curated Content

Patriot Technologies has engaged with ContentMX through the ContentMX CloudTM platform using the curated content and newsletter features. Patriot has also engaged ContentMX to provide them with two original articles each month to use in their newsletter as well as post to their blog.

Patriot’s newsletter is enhanced with relevant content curated from the ContentMX Cloud platform as well as original content ContentMX has specially written for their audience. The newsletter provides a forum for Patriot to inform their audience about what is going on in the industry with their own voice and promote special events or promotions.

Finding Success with ContentMX

Increased Traffic and Greater Visibility

“We have quantifiable results to show that we have the greatest spikes in our website traffic after we have emailed our newsletter to our prospects and customers.”


Patriot Tech - Sept 30, 2015

Spike in Traffic after Sending ContentMX Newsletter

“Through a single email, the ContentMX Cloud newsletter allows us to drive traffic to our website that showcases our voice, our products and services and allows us to reach many different prospects. There is something for everyone in the newsletter and the fact that our audience can share the articles and post them to social media from within the newsletter extends our reach.”


To further Patriot’s goal, the ContentMX Cloud easily allows original content to be posted directly to their blog. The newsletter built with ContentMX combines original content with curated content to create robust communications that showcase Patriot’s mission. These integrated efforts ensure that Patriot promotes their organization as credible thought leaders who are at the forefront of the latest technology and trends. The quality of their content rich communications allows Patriot to meet their goal of showing up on the first page of search results and improve their SEO.

Ease of Use

Patriot credits the ease of use of the platform as a big reason for their success.

“ContentMX has been great at picking out relevant content that our customers want to read and relates to stories we are trying to tell.”

Patriot engages with the ContentMX editorial team to design their newsletter and to produce the original content that makes their message very accessible and relevant to the reader.

“The ContentMX platform is very intuitive and working with ContentMX has been a positive experience. It is simple and straightforward way to drive the impressive results that we are experiencing.”